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Elegy joined on Nov 15th, 2011, since that has made 130 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Elegy has given 163 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 19th, 2012.

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    @reki Oh no, the exploding is fine, just the whole parasites and such... really anything that doesn't belong in the body being there I don't take fondly to.

    @Arachne WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD?

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    @reki There's very very few things that leave me scared or uncomfortable. So, congratulations, you found my greatest fear.

    -walks off traumatized-

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    Talk about last minute

    I didn't really have much motivation to do anything since every idea I had the 6 panel limit killed. ...So basically this was done in the past 4 hours.

    It's not great, I never got to finish the last panel where Dee gets KO'd or killed or whatever was gonna happen there. I guess it's something at least. I really wanted to do some awesome stuff with this match up too. sadfaec

    Sorry @reki, I'll draw a nice art of your character (or whatever else you may want instead) when I have time, I feel like I cheaped out here.

  • In Ancient Japanese Fart Battle Scrolls

    I don't see why everyone's so disturbed by this, I was rather amused when it popped up on tofugu. The other Saturday Timewasters are also something to check out, or the rest of the site in general. It's got a lot of good humor while still being informational.

  • In Open call for character design/artist for original project.

    I was considering it a bit but I'm not too sure, it depends just how much I'll be committing to this exactly. You said about 50 characters important to the story, that makes me consider backing out.

    It's a light novel, so how many images are you thinking will be included in it, and with what level of detail? If it's not too much I may be interested.

    For future reference though, here's my DA and I live in Canada.

  • In Mythology

    @Momimochi YES finally some Jomungandr love~

  • In Mythology

    I never got into Greek, but I had a Norse phase about two years ago. Still love it quite a bit. Chinese/Japanese mythology/folklore is also pretty fun to read.

    Actually I'm a fan of a lot of European folklore as well.

  • In What do you really hate?

    I was thinking people for a bit but I'm gonna say society instead. The difference is small yet huge.


    @Satan That's okay, take your time~


    Can I have one? ・ω・