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Ethernal joined on Jul 22nd, 2012, since that has made 9 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Ethernal has given 14 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 30th, 2012.

  • In How do you lose feelings for someone you really like a lot?

    well,trying to forget him and somehow erase him from your world is a bad idea. if he was a good friend to you, you dont have to erase him just because he has a girlfriend now and you cant be togeather. Feelings, they will stay, maybe more or maybe less but they will stay. my suggestion is to stay a good friend and keep your pain inside.

  • In Eve online 21day trial give-away

    Well in my opinion its the most unique and interesting mmo, yea sometimes it was sad to try to make some mission for hours and at the end got killed, (thats the game where when you got killed that actually rrly matters) but thats the reason you dont play alone.

  • In Offline MMO

    well I dont play a lot of mmo, I have playd lord of the rings,eve(not counting all shit that I playd for a few days) well and plan to play lost world. and I think that playing mmo alone is just sad. well but thats just my opinion, and I hope not to hurt anyone with that.

  • In Offline MMO

    an offline massive multiplayer online role playing game? thats something rly sad, if the game is shuting down it has its reasons, and to make it offline, I dont think that it would attract a lot of players, while mmo is all about online play and to play it alone is just sad. to make it lan? why? if its allready online than you dont need lan, and if blizzard for example will shut down any of they games its becouse that game faild (no players or something) and if game faild than why they should keep it going not online but lan or even offline? so Iam sure that there will not be such a thing like offline mmo unless you make your own server and play it aloune. lol

  • In Kokoro Connect

    @Senkonna I actually checked both anime on world-art but I didnt notice that the illustrator is the same. thx for the info that explains why characters are soo similar, and I like it,lol

  • In Kokoro Connect

    the anime is great I will definitely keep watching it, but when I saw 1st ep. I found characters wery similar to k-on, althought these anime has nothing in common. (author and other ppl) was it just me?

  • In CL Song Covers

    @Fieyr wow and once again you surprise me,lol thats a great cover, I love the sound of piano,unfortunatly I will never be able to play a piano lol

  • In Your thoughts (For people who know their stuff when it comes to Computer/Laptops)

    wow I thought I could say something smart but after reading what @Fieyr said I better keep silent, lol

  • In New User Introduction Thread

    Hey! Iam olso new in this site, althought I had an acc in the old CL but I didnt use it a lot. So, Iam Ethernal, 19 years old and living in Germany, Berlin (but my deutsch is not so good so plz write in english) Well I love anime,games,Japanese culture,manga,music. Hoping to find some friends here :)