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Once spent four hours trying to convince my cat that it was a dog. It didn't work. Craftster and otaku.

Etsuko joined on May 17th, 2010, since that has made 35 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Etsuko has given 37 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 13th, 2013.

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    DreamShield29451 = me. HUFFLEPUFFS UNITED!!

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    Me too. Forever Alone. :'(

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    @Flywalker37 You should.

    Cumberbatch playing the master would be the single most greatest thing in the history of the world. A close second is David Tennant coming back.

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    @PigBoss Thanks.

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    Study more. One of my roommates, lets call her A, picked fights with all of us. Because we had the same fye class we were partnered together for our final and because she never went to class or came home we nearly failed. But I did fail my main two classes which I am currently retaking. They told us we can retake our theory and lab for free. Last week they told me that because I'm retaking my lab the money I usually get midway thorough the quarter I'm not getting. This doesn't work because I don't have a job and thats what I use as food money. I can't really ask my parents for money because my mom just had surgery and my dad is unemployed. I've been trying to find a job but I don't own a car so it has to be in walking distance of my house. On top of that, midterms were last week and I missed my lab midterm because I was told not to go to school or work because I dislocated my ribs. I went in to ask my chef if I could take it today which he agreed to but this morning he told me I couldn't and that I'm failing now. I want to leave but my lease isn't up till june and it's $600 a month which I have to pay whether I'm there or not. Thats about it. Opinions?

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    So to everybody who wanted to know my full story. I'm 18 just out of high school and in my second quarter of seven at culinary school. There are two campuses for my university in my state and I'm at the smaller one since it was closer to my home. I had planned to live with a family member who lives close to my school. However, a couple of weeks before school started they decided they waited privacy so I had to move into housing which are apartments. Within two weeks I had to change dorm rooms because my other roommates ate my food and took two hundred dollars worth of my stuff and ruined them. So I moved in with my new and current roommates. My classes only last 11 weeks and I go 4 days a week for 6 hours. So my roommates would come home after 4 hours and we would do our own things. However in my school the culinary courses are the hardest so of course I had to

  • How do you feel about college dropouts? How do you feel about dropping out?

    Asking this because I'm considering dropping out of my University.


    "I'll do this with my hands." Tim Curry must love his new found singing career.