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Anime isn't just animated shows. Anime takes place in people's hearts with stories about romance, adventure, action, sadness, happiness, etc. It isn't a distraction in a sense. It's a way to see yourself for who you truly are and be happy with how you have grown.

For me, I find certain anime to be the reason why I am happy today. I have encountered so many amazing people related to the anime community.

All in all, anime can change people, and that, to me, is inspiring.

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  • In What are you reading?
    Right now, I'm reading "The Light Between Oceans"
  • In Hyouka!

    @kaykiii ohh! that makes more sense. @Taro_Tanako Yeah! I liked that one. Have you seen the Mystic Archives of Dantalian? It's also a mystery show. It was great!

  • In Shingeki no Kyojin

    @SENsei Wow. This was great! Thank you for posting this :D

  • In Psycho-pass gets second season

    Yay! This anime is one of my all-time favorites. Usually, I'm not into all the gory anime, but this had just the right mount of everything, that i didn't mind that at all (at least not that much) :) I love all the characters and yes @Chestnut_Rice, the symbolism really left me wondering many things.

    I am so looking forward to the second season!

  • In Hyouka!

    @Koraunmidora Yes, I searched the soundtrack for Hyouka immediately because it was so amazing! @Taro_Tanako I agree, I felt like I instantly liked Houtarou because he was lazy and I'm super lazy as well. Eru was very interesting as well, but it took me a while to like the other two. @Yuu-kun Totally agree with you! @TCManila I haven't seen those two but yes, Hyouka is great! @muckoanggono I think the cases were alright since they were just beginning everything but yeah, more complicated cases in the future would be so thrilling. I hope there is a season 2! @kaykiii Was the manga just as amazing or more amazing?

  • In Chihayafuru 1&2

    @muckoanggono I haven't finished the second season, I think I just finished the 21 ep. hmmm.... I'll finish the season, then get back to you on that :)

  • In Chihayafuru 1&2

    @muckoanggono I don't think he likes her like that. Although, I would love to see them battle against each other!

  • In The longevity of human life

    This is a very interesting article! Seeing as how it was written three years ago, I can only hope the scientists have made more progress with this discovery. After looking over some of the comments made a couple years ago, and some recent ones, I can only say that most people have the right idea, in my opinion. This process may work for humans in little ways but there are dangerous side effects. I wouldn't mind being healthy until the end, but I feel like we still have ways to go before we even consider living longer than normal. All in all, very interesting.

  • In Supercell

    @jkripper123 I agree so much with you. Psycho-pass was by far one of the best I have seen in a while! Besides Attack on Titan :) The ending was great too!

  • In Supercell

    @meddie I agree, Utakata Hanabi is amazing, and so is Perfect Day! I haven't heard Planetes though.. @Teru I agree, Psycho-Pass's ending and the anime in general was one of my favorites. @Chestnut_Rice Oh, I didn't know that they first used Vocaloids. I do love Nagi though. Her voice is really nice. Have any of you heard the [Flaming June] Maeda Jun x Yanagi Nagi songs like "Last Smile" or "Owari no Sekai Kara"? They are sooo good.