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Forte_Sigma joined on Sep 3rd, 2011, since that has made 21 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Forte_Sigma has given 25 upvotes, and was last online on Jan 2nd, 2015.

  • In The Asshole that CL needs

    @DeathByBiscuit Well fuck.


    There needs to be someone on the internet that can simply cut off the IP addresses of dumbasses who decide to use the internet.

    Like..they do stupid shit like that and BAM no more internetz for you.

    Or a fucking fist comes through the screen and knocks them out.

  • In The Asshole that CL needs

    I am so damn confused. Someone please explain what happened?

    I even read the thread and everything.

  • In Question #4

    @kaiten The fuck did I just read?

  • In College Survival 101

    @Senkonna hahahaha I love this.

    Idk, I don't really like conflict, so i try to be a pretty chill person, but if someone starts a shitstorm with me, I most definitely put an end to it.

    Can't tell you how many times I have had people threaten to beat me up in HS, and when I didn't submit, AND called them out to it(literally saying, come here, fight me), they backed the fuck down.

    Alot of people, especially big dudes like to talk shit just to intimidate. Just show em what the fuck is up. The only threaten to break your bones because you wont do what they want them to. I just usually gave them the ultimatum that no matter what, I was gonna do whatever the fuck I wanted to, no matter what. Then they tried to come down to reasoning,as I had before, by telling me being stuck in my ways is ignorant. Bitch please.

  • In What is a poor and innocent maiden such as myself to do?

    Deep Batman voice

    Someone called for a weaboo exterminator?

  • In College Survival 101

    @CC_Lemon Yeah I gave the middle finger to AP classes my Senior and last trimesters of Junior year. All they are is a money making scheme for the Public School System.

    Lot of kids do well on AP tests = more gov. money for the school (money the US gov. prolly doesnt't have)

    Besides, I aced the classes. That is all the mattered to me.

  • In Wow, CL has changed...

    @Senkonna Damn. Schooled.

    @Polnareff On a lighter note, welcome back.

  • In College Survival 101

    I am moving in to college in about 3 weeks. How much do all of your txtbooks cost? I had alot of grad money but kinda spent it over the summer -_- But still saved a good portion of it to survive.

    I got awarded a Kindle Fire through my school, so I am wondering if I can find books cheaper on there..

  • In Halo or Call of Duty

    @Senkonna The fuck? ^

    And if you are comparing both, Halo wins. CoD is just a competition of who plays the most, or longest.

    But if you are comparing these two to the entire video gaming genre of that type? Neither.

    I have played much better shooters in my time.

    My personal favorite at the moment Is Tom Clancy's Future Warfighter. Even though it is 3PS

  • In So, how does thee rageth quiteth?

    Hahah that video was hilarious Reminds me of this:

    LMFAO I dont ever really rage quit unless I am playing with absolute complete noobs. If it is someone better than me, I simply accept defeat. Like in SoulCaliburV or 1V1's in any shooter. It is honorable to simply admit defeat and that your opponent is stronger than you. that is the first step to improvement.