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99th percentile

Hello person reading this. You look lovely today. I feel like it's time to change the "only pop in once in a while" to "I'm invested in the shit friendships I've made on this beautiful site". Feel free to befriend me, and also request any songs for me to do. Yes. Okay. PEACE.


Best Ship


Steam lopsidedgrin

Skype danceswithblades_

League Of Legends lopsidedgrin

Sound Cloud Lopsidedgrin


Me when I get out of bed.

http://33.media.tumblr.com/a8accf8cf6aed2873d41f14d1978f43e/tumblr_ncxli4OifI1rt69p4o6_250.gif Bae http://i.imgur.com/WNMgjO4.gif

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