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  • In Doctor Who and Merry Christmas

    I've only just started watching it. I started with the old black and white episodes but the quality was always so terrible that I couldn't bring myself to watch them. So, I skipped ahead to the newer series. I'm only like 4-5 episodes in though. Something about an alien museum and daleks. /shrug

  • Winter 2012 Season Preview!

    Ok, so I didn't feel like finding one of those pictures that have all the info on them so I'm instead going to shamelessly plug an anime/manga blog that had all the info. (No, it's not my blog or anything. Just a blog I regularly visit.)

    Thoughts/Opinions? Anything in particular you're looking forward to?

  • In Pick-up Lines
  • In Dog Days (Anime)

    Never seen it. I count myself lucky.

  • In Persona 4 Animation

    Latest episode was good. I like how all the viewers that played the game were wigging out because the anime slightly deviated.