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99th percentile

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Inia joined on Jan 18th, 2016, since that has made 121 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Inia has given 187 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 6th, 2018.

  • In TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

    I saw the email alert very late, but I have already PMed my piece like... months ago. I submitted the art as soon as I dubbed it finalized.

  • In The Colorless History Timeline

    2016: That time Evo doxed a girl's face.

  • In Pinging the Dead Thread

    TBH, I actually agree with Kirn on this one, but I'm less likely to pull a Kirn and Kirn someone.

  • In Are you ready for charity?

    A21's doing a Walk for Freedom on October 14th. Given that it's part of the End It coalition, and they're proven to make a real difference all around the world, I would say it's a solid cause to start with, at least. Human trafficking is something that very few people are aware of, and between raising awareness and rescue operations, you wouldn't just be slapping a bandaid on symptoms, but helping out in providing solutions and giving people a chance at a happy life. This isn't something that simply affects 3rd world countries either. I live 10 minutes from a place that was busted for trafficking. There are plenty of locations in the US that have very recently been busted. From what I understand, Russia's becoming a big trafficking hotspot as well. As for 3rd world countries, it's sadly common for their own people to sell them out to slavery. Giving them food is nice, but how about rescuing victims from exploitation? There are worse things than starving to death.

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    Automated spam callers are now attacking via direct-to-voicemail. I really wish this was illegal all over the world. The whole purpose is to bypass spam-block apps that pickup/hangup.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    The game I've been playing more and more of recently is one that needs no introduction. I'm not going to try since there are a dozen of online reviews, videos, and so on. Go to the Googles, read the things.

    The Game: World of Warcraft.

    I never thought I'd ever poke this game with a stick. However, I mentioned wanting to try it out for a bit, my boyfriend used the referral program and bought me the basic game. Four months later, I finally have the Legion expansion, and I'm having fun playing around as a Death Knight.

    I'd been skeptical about trying out WoW for over a decade, mostly because I had friends talk about how elitist people were toward them about what color/tier their gear was. I always heard nothing but bad things about the community. But so far the few times I did run into people, I actually had some good interactions. My only complaint has been with people in raids, and those playing the Hunter class who sadly live up to their stereotypes, usually trying to be a hero instead of let the Tank to their thing.

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    I have very few pet peeves in my life, but I never, ever share any type of hygiene tool with anyone. Yet, even with a glaringly obvious note that says, "please don't use" on my toothpaste tube, why in all that is green and good would someone use my toothbrush, and even use it right in front of me. I do my best to be a good host, but I would think some things in life are pretty obvious. Especially when there's a note on it.

    Protip for others: Never assume you can do whatever you want when you're a guest in someone's home. Just because someone tells you to relax and make yourself at home doesn't mean you have free reign. It means they're doing their best to be polite, even if your dandruff gets all over their couch, your hair sheds all over the floor, and they clean up your dishes. A good guest takes the initiative to clean up so well, it's almost as if you didn't touch anything. This shows respect and honor to your host. Always, always ask before you attempt to use something. It's a sign that you respect their privacy, and are gracious for letting them stay in their private space to begin with. They didn't have to go out of their way, but they chose to.

  • In POs inthis theresd when your durnk OK

    Everyone in this thread be like:

  • In TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

    Mine might be pretty obvious, but I have a version of mine with "month here" rectangle, if you need to eyeball it.

  • In Greenville NC

    Need anything? A box of tampons? Some Midol? Though I'm not sure that stops a 31-year-old throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler, and over a thread created by an internet stranger. I would suggest putting that rage into, I dunno, bringing awareness to modern day slavery, innovative help for the homeless who want to change their lives, or becoming a freedom fighter and help the chaos in Syria or North Korea. But then I'd be confusing you for someone who would rather do something real with her life.