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Hmmm... I am 18 and a complete geek. Not only am I a lifeless Otaku, but also a programmer, artist, and game developer. I program in Java mostly but also do Python and Visual Basic. I know html, css, and JavaScript so I do web design when I'm not programming. While I am not doing any of the above, you can often catch me watching anime, reading manga, or playing games(Mostly RPGs)... Like I said, I am a complete geek! ^.^ My favorite game of all time would have to be The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. While I like new ones too, nothing beats the nostalgia I get after defeating Ganon 300 times and crying during the credits. My favorite anime is a Tie between Durarara!!, Monster, and Angel Beats. All three are beautiful in their own respects and I am not even going to attempt to order them. I guess that's it! Now you know my life better than any of my family ^.^ You should feel special... :D

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  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @shafnat Right now i'm working on creating my own forum, and I will keep updates and screenshots on it. I will send you a link when I have it online. :)

    EDIT: @kolulu100 Wow, you have some strange dreams! :) It also sounds like it would make a cool game. If I decide to use it, I'll definitely contact you!

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @Ethereal Thank you :)

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @shafnat I am currently working on a large project now, and was simply looking for a smaller one to pass time at the moment. When I finish my larger project, I would be happy to help you. @Ethereal Thank you for the great idea, I will definitely implement that in my current ORPG project. Your username will also be added to the credits. If and when I finish, you will also get a free copy! ^.^ Of course, I don't even know if i'm going to charge anyone for it. It uses a 2D JRPG art style.

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @TokoyamiSenshi I simply create the sprites and program the games. My ideas usually only come when I'm not around anything to write it down with... so by the time I get back home, I always forget -.- Plus I wanted to see what some people would say :D Hopefully I will get some ideas soon! I am looking for unique... Something odd that usually wouldn't be in a video game... Maybe even something completely disturbing! :D

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @Xyopq If it's stolen I can't use it... It has to be original! :D Anybody that comes up with one I can use get's a special spot in the credits!

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @Xyopq That is certainly unique... I'll definitely consider it. Nice! :D

  • Unique ideas for a new game?

    So, for those of you that don't know me(probably most of you), I dabble in game development. I've been thinking recently about some ideas for simple, yet unique games. Too many times, I see the same things in online games... I want something different. Do any of you have ideas? They should be creative. The more strange, the better! Your idea could become reality... well, maybe virtual reality? :D Anyway~ what are your ideas? ^.^