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99th percentile

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InvisibleRainbow joined on May 2nd, 2010, since that has made 168 posts that are still accessible today, 18 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, InvisibleRainbow has given 198 upvotes, and was last online on Jan 15th, 2020.

  • In Fetishes and Kinky shtuff

    Who revived this?! xD oh man..

  • ToonTown Closing

    I know this doesn't really count as a hardcore game like most of the threads on here are about but I'm sure some of you have tried or used to play ToonTown. Its closing Sept 19th and anyone with a pre-exisiting account now has full free membership til then. More info: About Closing | Disney Toontown Online

    It actually does take strategy to take down cog buildings and the HQ's.

    Anyone else going to miss this childish stepping stone game? anyone currently still playing?

  • In This place still exists?

    I joined 3 years ago, I really would like a reminiscing break down of what happened when. We should have scrap booked this shit. My memory is horrible but I know I've been here for a good deal and watching this new fag old fag fight here is pretty comical.

  • In Hey!

    I was a member of the Yellow Scarves haha but im glad you came back to check out the site!

  • Coast to Coast High Speed Rail System

    I'm really frustrated because this would be an amazing thing in our lives. We don't seem like we will get enough signatures and this needs to have the word spread! The external link is where you can vote to have this passed as well as read some information about it, here is another link where you have a map of what it would look like, as well as more information. sites.google.com/site/californiarailmap/us-high-speed-rail-system

    Please pass on this info, sign it, and get others to as well

  • In Fetishes and Kinky shtuff

    @deng hahah dude, THANK YOU for posting that. That is most def my new fetish and YES it has to be hardboiled.

  • In Dexter's Rude Removal

    hahah I saw this on tumblr and it really made my day. It kinda reminds me of the Invader Zim ketchup thing, except this is obviously wayyy more hardcore

  • Megacon 2013

    Anyone going to Megacon?

    Is there a big Florida populous on here?

  • In Fetishes and Kinky shtuff

    Bumping this thread because it's been awhile, I'm sure theres new members and excluding certain types of asexuals, everyone else has a libido!

  • In Cant remember the name of this show..

    @momimochi yeah I was just saying things from my memory which apparently was wrong xD thank you but hmm x-x I just know there was an anime that she was a minor character in, which is why I watched Toradora in the first place.. bluh x-x