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Hello there, my name´s Flo. I´m a drawfag and 1/2 time gamer. I love hot drinks (specially raspberry-cherry tea and hot chocolate) and my favorite things in the whole world would be salmon and beef when it comes to food. Otherwise my really-really favorite thing in the whole world would be my laptop Yuudai (yes, I named him that). My laptop, my hero. Oh, and I like kittens and erotic comics a lot too. I guess I´m an amusing combo of mixed feelings..

zNtENhd.gif Oh, and Madara is the love of my life. (* 3~

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    A little something more. The line art is for my portfolio for entrance exams to Tartu´s Art School.

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    @awkwardangels I don´t know if I´m lucky to have been born here in this environment, but people have never judged me after my body. If you´re a bright character, people will get along with you no matter what. At least that´s what I´ve learned. Of course there are always people who like to mock on people due their health problems. Lately I´ve noticed that more and more people have started to protect those with health issues and I´m glad. Although sometimes they get too protective. And don´t think too much about the surgery, it´s not that bad. I got it done here in Estonia, I bet your medicine is higher level than ours. Use "Contractubex" afterwards and the scars will get better as well. Obviously I´ve been lazy and haven´t used it much. After all those surgeries I´ve gotten tired of using it. But it really helps out. : )

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    @Ecstasy Oh, it doesn´t give me much trouble. Only when it´s really hot outside and I´m sweating a bit, then it tends to get a little capricious.

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    @awkwardangels I have scoliosis, I can´t remember my degrees but that ain´t important. Funny to come across with someone else with that problem. Although I´ve gone through surgery, severally. They extended the support bars after every 6 months for over 5 years. First surgery was pretty bad and I had to be in bed for ~2 weeks, I couldn´t even move myself in bed. I couldn´t say it interferes anything in my life. It has never. Although my spine isn´t very flexible and therefore I can´t do many things. For an example belly dancing. It´s difficult to put on my sexy stockings too, but I manage. Oh, and don´t you think the surgery will erase the problem. My shoulders and ribs still aren´t as they´re supposed to be. Surgery will just stop the further development of the disease.

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    My spine´s pretty bad and my right arm ain´t functioning properly after the bus accident. For over a week I wasn´t able to move my arm and had to do everything with my left. It felt terrible, as if the right one was actually detached. During that time my grandparents and friends helped me a lot and took me into great consider. I mean, they didn´t go to places where I would´ve needed both arms etc. Also they helped me with many different things. For an example opening bottles, paying at the store and my lady friend even helped me to close my fly. xD It was pretty embarrassing not to able to do it myself, but I´m glad she offered her help. Otherwise it would´ve taken me forever to get it done. I think people are more considerate about this kind of things than we could imagine. At least that´s what I experienced.

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    My little ones. I can´t even imagine I should give them up one day. If they don´t fit with my work or something in the future, then fuck this job. I mean it, lel. I also have a strawberry from PNAU´s "Wild Strawberries" tattooed behind my right ear. And a plug in the left one, it´s 20mm right now. So at the moment it´s half the size I actually want, but I´m a lazy stretcher you could say. Next month I´m planning to do Madison piercing:

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    I´m sorry, the YT tags doesn´t seem to work for me.
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    To be honest I don´t quite see the point here. From my aspect there´s nothing on CL that´d make it risky to host it in the US. Obviously I don´t know much about the site, but babbling about some political shit openly isn´t quite the reason CL could catch one´s eye. No need to see danger everywhere. Besides, wouldn´t the moving process be inconvenient, without any heavy reason after all?

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    Woop-woop, you all have really cute pets. And this here is my little kitten Susanoo aka Susu. Thanks to him I understand that pets really are like their masters. I really love this pure (hopefully) being. <3

    Here on this picture he tried to walk on my keyboard several times, but I didn´t let him. Afterwards he just fell asleep next to it. I suppose he got tired waiting for a chance to attack.