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Jenna38 joined on Aug 12th, 2011, since that has made 123 posts that are still accessible today, 5 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Jenna38 has given 216 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 14th, 2014.

  • In What is your Sexual Preference?

    Totally Straight here but if by chance-I happen to meet a guy who is actually a girl then I guess I would end up Bi, but only if that situation comes to cross my path~Honestly I don't think people can help who they fall in love with~Regardless of whether they're male or female. We're all human and have our flaws so we should just embrace that.

  • In Friend Finder

    @Maryam Thx but there was really no need to.

  • In Friend Finder

    I have to say~I do quite love the fact that the site is much faster and now we all can have kind of a second chance at starting anew with new threads and stuff.

    @Maryam u mispelled my username. nice one buddy. XD

  • In Sub or Dub?

    I usually prefer Dub~Mainly because I'm not a fast reader and I miss out on alot when I watch something subbed. Every now and then though-I like to watch sub if an anime I really like isn't dubbed yet.

  • In New User Introduction Thread

    @Domo Oh god I know right! I miss it soo much T_T

  • In New User Introduction Thread

    I'm Jenna and well not much I can think of to say except that this new CL site is okay I guess-It's faster I'll give it that but kinda miss the old site. sigh life sucks sometimes.

  • In Friend Finder

    Hey Everyone :) Nice to see some fellow colorless members again-even if not friends-we can at least become more familiar with each other~There still aren't many threads up yet so just post whatever u want others to know about you-things u like, ur favorite anime, whatever-it can even be completely Random-just say something friendly and Have Fun ;)

  • In CL FORCE!!!!!!!!

    @TrevInc Okay, Thanks.

  • In CL FORCE!!!!!!!!

    @TrevInc thx but for some reason when I pressed the link-It didn't work~Says something about the default mail client not being properly installed.

  • In New Year's Resolutions?

    I want to stop procrastinating on everything~Well, that and being lazy too-I'm not very productive person so I tend to not ever get much of anything done.