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99th percentile

I am a cat with a hat and that is that.

Relationship Status: Cat bro @Kittycat and @Lieutenant Lap Cat

(i like sweets :3)

Art done by the ahmazing @Kip: http://i.imgur.com/e6Hd99f.png

And @SquidGirl http://i.imgur.com/yQm9jAH.png

Johtoh joined on Jul 17th, 2011, since that has made 390 posts that are still accessible today, 39 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Johtoh has given 427 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 10th, 2019.

  • In 5 animes that deserved way more episodes than what they got.

    I agree with @Sol420 with #1-3 but then they shoulda gave me more

    Eden Of The East Trigun (a series spinoff) DRRR Darker Then Black (at least an OVA) MAR And theres more, just cant remember it

  • In What traits do women like in men?

    You should add "Their Shlong"

  • In Warhammer 40,000

    Well i have read all of the gaunts ghost which is The Founding The Saint The Lost Eisenhorn (Which dosnt involve gaunt but mention's his deeds)

    And its pretty intense. Dan Abnett does a pretty good job depicting war scene but its hard to follow the plot if you dont read carefully. But overall its great.

  • So.... What Do You Think Was The Best Game Of 2011

    For me its Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

  • In Warhammer 40,000

    Only series i read for 40k was

    Gaunts Ghost's


  • In What should i get?

    so hard to choose D:

  • In What should i get?

    Ecstacy tell me how dark souls go. Sadly i dont have enough for both so i shall wait longer. Plan was to Buy a pre owned one from gamestop then return it For my full money back and get the other game pre owned and do the same thing.

  • In I'll draw you stuff

    Mairu! Draw me doing something awsome!!

  • In HELP ME!

    YES AHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHH THANKYOU! now to put that for my parents ringtone when theycall me >:)

  • In HELP ME!

    wait i think it was an orchestra