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ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ Welcome to my profile!

Hello my name is Kip. Ex-Admin. Professional Yandere. Add me on any of these things and maybe we'll talk or play sometime. I'm 9. :^)

Skype: (PM me with your Skype if you'd like to be added)

Brave Frontier ID: 144382504

Ragnarok Online 2: Request

Kip joined on Feb 26th, 2013, since that has made 1324 posts that are still accessible today, 20 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kip has given 2499 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 12th, 2019.

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    @Johtoh @squareof3 @Wolfangle

    youll have to show me where you guys are at now. i have a new discord account because i archived my old one like, almost a year ago.

    and i miss you too. i kinda miss everybody.

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    CL is the one thing in my life that was always consistent. i joined this site in 2011, left for a hot minute and came back in 2013. its always been the same, and some people might be bored of same, but i liked it. i still check in from time to time, even if my life outside of here demands my attention more than CL does now.

    it was a comfort, to look back and know that this place (no matter how shitty things were for me out in the real world) was never really changing. i could find comfort in the stability of chaos here on CL. the experiences i had here, moderating and doing admin stuff, the friends i made, hours spent in chat, the events i participated in; all helped shape me in their own way as i grew from my teen years. i had fun. CL is still a fond memory for me and even if i dont get to talk to the people ive grown close to from this place, i still have much love for them in my heart.

    if CL disappeared someday, im sure id be disappointed. i wouldnt get to look back on conversations anymore from the forum, or find funny posts that still make me laugh. i dedicated a lot of my time and effort into this place way back when.

    i dont feel like it was a waste of time, but i would be sad to see that chapter of my life close for good, and have very little power to stop it. unless, by some miraculous means, the site suddenly got a huge overhaul and became popular again.

    i know that this site vanishing would have no real consequences on my life in the real world. obviously. yet, i cant help but not want to see it leave.

    i cant help but have that sense of impending "well, what now?"

    despite being gone from CL, and most social media now, it is still the only site that has ever made me feel genuinely happy to be part of a community, and to make me return day after day for years in that time i spent here.

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    @Farris i find that disguising the dick as another person helps with the weird looks.

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    I'm aiming to hand in my recording on Sunday since i'll be home alone to sing in the morning then~

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    snack attack

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    down size

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    @Wolfangle i am THE MASTER

    @Enami got it! the word was Clue