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    I guess you could say they received quite the royal welcome.

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    Are you sure about that? Although Germany (And most European countries) give a higher percentage of GNI as financial aid the sheer numbers of the US make it hard to believe that we are lacking in charitability when it comes to foreign aid.

    Yes I know Germany Euro Union bailout etc. etc.

    For the sake of fairness:
    Of note are:
    1. Significantly larger military budget than amount of aid given (However, this is also true of virtually every country, though not to the extent of the US)
    2. Percent of GDP (US is 4.4%, Germany 1.4%, most European countries hover between 1 and 2%)
    3. Amount of money spent on upkeep, or maintaining the status quo compared to expansion (Cost of Iraq/Afghanistan is a separate budget and is not included, however the war in its current state very well falls under this category as well)
    4. Connected to "maintaining status quo": Sheer size of American Empire and the responsibilities that come with it.

    While the military budget is, indeed, sky high, very little of it is with the aim of "putting other countries under". And America is far from uncharitable in its foreign aid. Also, this is far from a new trend, as the US has always been (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dollar_Diplomacy) very generous when it comes to loans/financial aid for those it perceives to be allies, though it was very careful to ensure the security of its own interests (As all countries are)

    "Warmongering" is also laughable-like the citizens of any other country, Americans mostly feel that war is justified in two cases:
    1. American security/safety are threatened or perceived to be under direct attack
    2. Global stability is threatened due to ethical issues abroad that are deemed intolerable (Ex. Chemical weapons, tyrant rule resulting in large death count, etc.)

    Both invasions of Iraq can be attributed to this, as can Afghanistan and the potential war in Syria. For better or for worse the US politicians convinced the citizens that one, or both, of these scenarios were true (And gave convincing reasons to believe such). American citizens are no different than any other in this regard.

    Bonus: Polling of Americans and Germans on the potential war in Syria


    Also before accusations of US fanboy and such I am not necessarily supporting any of its spending or actions around the world whatsoever. I hold minimal political opinions of my own.
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    CL people aren't all that used to spending money on games

    Most people here just play freakin' League of Losers
    10/10 joke, league of legends being free. good one.
  • In Idea on a course CL could take.
  • In Idea on a course CL could take.
    read @--Jack-- 's post. He has said it well.
    I sincerely hope you're joking-considering the post itself runs counter to most of what he is advising (And counter to quite a few self-evident truths) it is difficult to take it as something other than a poor attempt at irony or satire.
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  • In Psychology: Colors
    I'm calling you a kid because you have the attitude of one.

    The title of this thread doesn't really matter much because the results are supposed to be based on psychology. Even if they aren't really accurate.
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    I can see SAO becoming a sort of Harry Potter of our age.

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    Entire album is fantastic.

    I should probably link the best song from it too while I'm at it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyCthB7yadc

  • In Hey Guys! Apparently We're All Going to Jail :D
    I am more disgusted by the fact that somebody had an easy game getting all the dude's personal info and setting the cops on his ass
    Have you even read any of the articles DC? It was not something simply said in a League game-he posted the comments on his personal Facebook for all to see. It is not very difficult to get your personal information from Facebook, let alone inform the cops when the post is under your name in plain sight. The threat is of a very serious nature and the police chose to handle it as such-a perfectly natural reaction. I highly doubt a woman in Canada saw the post and randomly decided "I would like to ruin this boy's life by pretending I don't notice the sarcasm." as well-it is far more likely she simply wasn't so sure it was of a sarcastic nature. Furthermore the statements were far more than a simple "lol i'm gonna shoot up a school"

    Carter’s troubles began on Feb. 13 of this year. During an argument on Facebook over the online multiplayer game League of Legends, some told Carter that he was “crazy,” according to his defense attorney, Donald Flanary III. Carter replied: ”I’m f—ed in the head alright. I think I’ma shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them.”

    It is very easy to see why someone would not be sure of the sarcasm, especially someone not so familiar with the ways of online gamers. Again, it is not as though he has been found guilty and imprisoned-he is free to go at any time until his trial as soon as he posts bail, which he is unable to do. Blame the judge for setting too high of a bail. She likely saw him as a high-risk case, which again, if you are not a regular patron of the younger or more immature sections of the internet you are unlikely to see the humor in the comment. He will still have his day in court.

    If Kirn tells people on here that he eats babies, how can anybody even take that comment seriously, for example? Or that acostoss bangs turkey at least once a year?
    See above comments about nature of comment. Because of the nature of the comments it was an easy mistake to make, it was not a random forumgoer saying "lol I eat babies." It was someone on a personal Facebook with a sarcastic comment unusually dark and detailed. It is much more unlikely for us to be reported, let alone arrested, for such comments than these when put into context (School shooting threats are again, much more sensitive especially in the context of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT) And, once again, this is a rather unusual or fringe incident-not exactly a daily occurrence. Although I agree that the filing of criminal charges to begin with was mistaken, this was far from the signal of the American legal system going "down the shitter" as the OP suggested.