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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 2078 posts that are still accessible today, 77 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2449 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 30th, 2017.

  • In CL Short Story Project: Discussion Thread

    Well, what can I say, really, other than.... AHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Seriously, man, I never thought I would tell that to you of all people, but for fuck's sake, think before talking about taking responsibility on.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Patriots Day (2016)

    During a marathon in Boston, 2 home-made bombs are set off, killing a few, and injuring some, and putting the city into a state of a massive hunt for terrorists. Which eventually end in a success, but not before some kidnapping and shootouts.
    So, this movie goes for the realistic feel by going as far as using actual camera footage from the incident, adding it to film, and constructing the action around that. Checking with my usual source place, I get the fact that the biggest lie in the movie, is the main hero himself. He just represents a lot of police officers, but he himself is not real. Which is to say, everything else is real, from the FBI agent to the cop who got shot (though, that guy didn't have a hot date planned, that was just there to make him more relatable in the movie).
    In fact, the movie really is realistic, so it actually is... quite boring. Sure, we see manhunt, some shootout, daring escape from kidnapping (that Asian dude was really that cool)... but in the end, in the bombing only 3 people died, and some lost limbs, and in the end the capture of 1 guy by the huge number of armed people is not really a good movie material. So there you go, the movie is a decent depiction of events and, I guess, gripped Boston at a point, but as a movie, you really can be better entertained. So, up to you.

  • In The English Thread


  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Another update, but this one will probably be short.

    Right now country situation is really boiling down to 2 main themes - money and resources-based politics.

    Money is the immediate problem. Technically, my country defaulted when they weren't able to pay the debt to Russia. It's just everyone on the west ignored that. Well, right now western countries also start to ask, where the fuck are the money, and we have nothing to show for it. It is already said that right now we need 5 billion of dollars to survive the year, in what is now left of our economy.
    Problem is, IMF doesn't want to give us money anymore, for real. There were promises that IMF would have a meeting to discuss giving us 1 billion dollars. But what meeting was supposed to happen few days ago... and it got canceled. So, for now, we are not getting anything.

    Our second problem kinda ties up with first one, and it's still about the blockade of Novorossia. As I wrote before, some members of parliament initiated that, and now we aren't getting any coal from there. Well, they are doing okay, they are now selling the coal to Russia, and feeling fine. We are, on the other hand, are fucked. And gas and electricity prices are about to get raised up again, in the 1st of April, and let me tell you, that is no motherfucking joke.

    However, I actually found out what was the whole deal with that blockade. Thing is, it was organized by the order of the mayor of Lviv - the western (and most pro-western) Ukrainian city. That guy initiated that, knowing full-well, that the lack of coal will make things harder in the country, and would cause more public unrest. His goal? To cause that to discredit current president, because that guy wants to be president himself, while the place still exists. So he wants to cause even more crisis in the country to initiate parliament and presidential re-election. And result is - we are suffering, while politicians gnaw at each other.

    President himself understands that situation. he made a big public speech, criticizing the blockade... which he ended by saying that government should take control of it. You know, it you can't stop it, join it, that kind of thing. He is failing though, and that he also knows well. Especially cause right now USA is starting to dig into his financial situation. Well, it's all made for show, really, cause USA always knew his finances. They just do it 'officially' now, preparing the dirt for the guy, in case he would need to be removed fast.

    And there is another thing I probably should mention, which is this:


    This is the fire in the town of Bakaleya, where we have the military stockpile, which is said to be equivalent to 7 Hiroshimas. Not nuclear, thankfully. No one knows what happened, but few days ago, at 3 am, explosions started. Now it's full-blown disaster, with continuous fires and explosions. President calls for NATO help to put out the fires, though I have no idea how NATO would even help. Noone knows how long that shit will burn, but now there are talks, that there are actually also underground storages there, which also might blow, which would make everything even worse. I am waiting for that.

    So there we go. We have no money, no energy and we are blowing up. All is well.

  • In CL Short Story Project: Discussion Thread

    Both simple and hard subject, if you really want to go full brainfuckery on it. We can both get some interesting stuff out of this, or some cookie-cutter end of the world stories.

  • In Weekly Super Power Discussion: Electricity

    I am not big fan of comic-style theories, however, it just so happens that this theme is close enough to me. First of all, here's a very good anime example from the show that I personally greatly enjoyed:


    That guy pretty much generates electricity, which gives him good combat power (plus, he can always use non-lethal amount of power). And in addition to that, he also can fuck up stuff like electronic locks, and even fix a broken TV. Which is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, but hell, why not.

    Now, I play forum DnD games, and other settings and systems too, and I had experience of joining superhero setting game. And, this power is exactly the power I chose - electricity. Now, I figured that shooting lightning from your fingers is cool, but too overpowered. So I settled for just generating electricity with your body, and starting expanding on that.

    First of all, we are assuming that your power cannot hurt you. Cause otherwise it would be damn stupid power. So, my character had resistance to electricity right of the bat, which was gonna be useful in her normal life, as she was studying engineering and was planning to be power lines technician. So there was that already.
    Second of all, electricity obviously offered ways of combat, but also it provided, quite literally, free power. Meaning, no more electricity bills ever - she would just charge her own generators and use however much power she needed for any crazy comic science she was going to partake in. Unlimited power!
    Second of all, even though she could not shoot lightning, her combat gear would obviously include some high-conductive wires, that could be thrown at enemy, and then electric charge would follow. Pretty much that idea I totally stole from how Hei fought in Darker than Black.
    And finally. Even though the game didn't last that long, I had absolutely crazy moment there, and I still have trouble believing that game master actually allowed that to happen. But electricity also means polarity. Flow of the electrical current, you know. And that's the principle behind such awesome thing as rail gun - projectile is placed between 2 oppositely charged metal rods, and that makes it fly out with extreme speed. Simplified explanation, but yeah. So, at some point, when my character had no combat gear on her, she just made a finger gun, using both hands, with a small coin placed between index fingers. And she made that coin shoot out at the enemy drones. Which was absolutely awesome, overpowered and took a slice of skin of her fingers. Good times.

    So yeah, if you really think about it, you can have a lot of fun with electricity.

  • The Colorless News (Issue #14)

    The Colorless News

    (21.03.2017, Issue #14)


    Welcome back, new moderators!

    Staff scene of CL was slowly becoming more and more desolated. One must admit, that Jack received the staff in a pretty rough state, and recent shifts were not improving the situation. With Warlock being absont from public view, and public itself becoming less and less active, it is no wonder that moderators became less involved and less active – after all, there was nothing to be active about.
    Still, with all that there were still attempts at kicking this place into gear. Most notably – Jack himself continued the tradition of CL writing projects, which managed to come to a positive conclusion – even though it did take quite some time. And it seems, there were plans to get more involved people into the staff, to try and make things active again.
    By the time now Moderator applications were announced, staff looked more like a shadow of its former self. What was once (around 7 years ago) overbloated mass of 40+ people slimmed down to 2 administrators and 2 moderators – Gwynn and Numbers. And they had to decide on the pick of new mods, that would rival the size of the current staff. Shortly after closing of applications, Jack said, that he planned to get 3 new moderators. And also, that he got 2 ideal picks among the candidates.
    Well, it is up to him to say what those picks were, but at the end of the day, 3 that were picked were Kinnear, Lieutenant and Mairu. I important to mention, that Kinnear – formerly Drentii – was one of the old batch of moderators, man of style and the one who once introduced the idea of each moderator having a signature ‘weapon’. Lieutenant is also returning moderator, and active organizer of art and musical projects, as well as representative of definite non-US timezone. It is still to be seen how each of the 3 new moderators would act, but this pick looks much better than the results of the previous moderator applications.
    In addition to this, there were some other changes to the staff. Numbers and Neko have officially became listed as CL developers. And Gwynn and Rinneko have been moved to Ranger positions. Generally, and especially considering the previously small size of staff, this is quite a big shuffle, and it will remain to be seen, how well it would work. Things are surely looking up to be more active now, though.

    Well, he’s back.

    One of the former administrators of the site, and, even more formerly, terrorist number 2 of CL, has returned after 2 years of absence. Yes, DakChaplain is back, and, even though he claims only to be back for a brief time, he already made a new gaming thread and have been a big presence on chat.
    Will he really leave after a while? Or is he here to stay, once again, now as a returning user? That is only up to him.


    State of CL project is quite uncertain. Last chorus project, organized by Momi, slowly died without any conclusion after recordings were sent and more than half a year passing without any news. Writing project did manage to get completed, though it took quite a while. At the same time, the beginning of 2017 has been marked with new CL Calendar project, and there is a promise of next CL chess tournament opening up in the Summer.
    CL projects don’t seem to be completely dead, but they sure could see a bit more action. Perhaps, userbase will start something on their own, or perhaps it will be up to new staff to kick things up.

    Issue #14, from 21.03.2017
    Staff: Lurker-reporter, editor, designer – @Kirn
    The Colorless News is the property of Lurkers inc.
    If it is publicly posted - we will use it with your name in it.
    Anonymity of private informants is guaranteed.
    We know where you live.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    This is a quest. Quest based on, or rather inspired by Haruki Murakami’s surreal short stories. Which I have never red, so I have no idea how good this is to the source material, or how good this is even as a tribute. However, one thing is undeniable - this is one of the most weird stories I have ever played through.


    In this game you play as Miss Mizuki - girl in her twenties, who is divorced, on a break from work, and tends to occasionally forget her own name, which retaining pretty damn good memory for trivia facts. She wants to cure herself of this condition. Also, recently she hasn't been able to sleep for something like 17 days, all because every time she tries to sleep, she sees a horrible old midget sailor captain (who is also half-naked and smoking), who never lets her sleep. You are welcome to let your imagination run wild with that description. So, with those 2 minor life problems, she sets out on a day destined to fix at least something.


    Now, let's take a break from this weird image, and talk gameplay. This game is pretty much your 2D drawn quest and it plays how you would expect it to play - nothing out of ordinary. You visit locations, you get items, you combine items, you solve occasional puzzle. Gameplay is simple, it holds well, you don't expect anything new to this formula. And it's good - simplicity ensures stability. Though, I will be honest with you - I did find one game-breaking bug. Thankfully, game allows you to make a lot of saves, so you won't be lost.


    Saying all that, behind simplicity there's also some complexity. First of all, game is almost without logic in the way you use your items. It's plainly evil - the craziest things work and the logical things don't. That's the kind of world we live in there. Additionally, as you unlock new locations while progressing the story, at time progressing the story also changes the old locations, making new people and things and people-things appear. So you will surely revisit old places quite a bit. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it gives decent complexity to the game.


    Main thing of this game remains the... You know, I want to say 'story', but the story is so bizarre, I cannot even describe it properly. I would say that this game shows you absolutely strange world, where weird science and magic exist in what, at first glance, looks like a world not unlike ours. And that what makes it really cool - you hang out in places that make sense, and then something absolutely crazy happens. And it just never stops, there is no single point without some weirdness in it. And, again, I have no idea how true it is to the works that inspired the game, but goddamnit, this was weird and I loved it.

    My own playlist with the playthrough. Game is quite short, actually, which is a bit of a shame. Took me just 7 videos to finish.

  • In CL Update 2017 [New Mods, Old Mods, Development Staff]

    Ah, fucking finally. Lieutenant should have been made mod again way back, during last mod apps. Then again, last mod apps results were just goddamn weird. Congrats to those who got the position. Seeing, how there are 2 people selected who were mods already and, in my opinion, did not fuck up, this is a pretty decent result this time around.


  • In Two Years and Change

    @piggu since I have no paypal account, you can fuck off.