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Kittycat joined on Jul 11th, 2012, since that has made 623 posts that are still accessible today, 11 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kittycat has given 1567 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 15th, 2018.

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  • In Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

    Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom in my opinion is very underrated. It's basically never talked about, but I remember it being one of my favourites. Going to have to rewatch it soon.

  • In So... What Actually Happened?

    Lol, I was speaking to him the day of, and he was just too lazy to do anything. Love you @Warlock <3333

  • In POs inthis theresd when your durnk OK

    @Dane, when are you gonna get me fries?

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    that shiny teeth amv is probably the best amv I've seen in a while :p

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  • In Steam Summer Sale 2018!

    I remember the good ole days when I would get excited for it, but it just got worse and worse each time

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  • In 2 Words Game

    Out Numbered

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