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  • In Nisekoi love battle: Team Onodera vs Team Chitoge

    I'm wit Team Onoderaaa!!!! (^∀^)

    If you're not current with the manga, read no further!! But do read for my defensive argument! :))

    Yui asked Raku that if he knew who the girl he made the promise with was, would he be able to love her for who she is now. In the present, Raku likes Onodera, yet he wants to know who he made the promise with. If he were to know, would he change his feelings in a heartbeat if it wasn't Onodera and was someone else? I wouldn't like to think that his feelings were of that low caliber!!

    And c'mon, Onodera is so cute!!!

    (I'm not saying I dislike Marika or Yui-sensei, and I actually like Chitoge too!!)

    Agreed with @Momimochi , absolutely Shu x Ruri!!!!

  • In Black Bullet

    I like the anime, but I really like the manga more!! In the anime, I felt that it doesn't really develop much character in the side-characters! Perhaps it's because of the limited time in episodes, but it really breezes over the side-characters, and focuses on the main characters more... Which I believe is really a shame!

    Overall, I would recommend reading the manga first before you see the anime!

    If you haven't read the manga or seen the anime, read no further!!

    When Shougen died (the Promoter with the huge black sword), in the manga it showed how in his last dying moment, he had a really strong bond with his Initiator. Even though to other people it was seen as if Shougen was using his Initiator as a tool and nothing more, it wasn't actually like that!! Shougen wanted to help his Initiator; to justify her existence!! Yet, in the anime it skipped Shougen's dying moment, completely obscuring how actually strong the bond he and his Initiator shared... 本当に残念だ!(What a shame!!)

    Forgive me if I rambled... But, I like both the anime and manga, and yes, I do recommend both!!