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99th percentile

Lieutenant joined on Jun 6th, 2010, since that has made 1693 posts that are still accessible today, 26 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Lieutenant has given 4106 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 24th, 2017.

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    Would have bought a pc if I have space but I don't so I settled for an ROG instead. I love life a little better now since I've been using my previous laptop for 6 years. I deserve this.

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    Hey @shafnat I would appreciate if you'd put all the artworks that you (or I) received into the sharing folder that I've linked you. Thanks.

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    There you go.

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    Need more argument from @Kirn

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    Hold up motherfuckers.


    RPG game, huge in file size and all that, requires internet to play. You can follow the stories, unlock heroes and if you want/could, spend your real money there since it's one of those games.. yeah. But really, it's continuous-commitment type of game, always have something to offer and collect everyday you almost can't find a reason to be bored (unless if you're bloody rich to get everything or just not into it, I don't blame you)

    You get 3 different heroes as a team to play for quests, and yeah train them with money and bread (and berries on higher levels), eventually promoting them to ascend their higher levels, unlock their illustrations, stories, skills, skins, and even trying to develop their own soul-bound weapons. Aside from stories, there are also colosseum, dungeons, explorations and much more to do.

    You have a lot to learn from the game, which fortunately to game provides you with a tutorial, even though eventually you have to find out the mechanism of the game yourself.

    In game you will also be accompanied by unlocking goddesses, champions and you can add friends in there for exchanging and receiving daily items.

    *At times the game opens up events like halloween, v-day and stuffs like that and they also have that events sometimes that crossed-over with other series or games and anything else that you would know. Like that one time where there was RWBY event.

    Game is obviously overflowing with powerful players from SK and China but who can blame them. As long as you're playing to enjoy the typical story of defeating the main villain and be the hero to everyone and not competing instead, you're good to go.

    Oh another thing, they also have VA in there (on certain highlighted characters) so that's nice to listen to sometimes, you can skip the dialogues obviously and read to your pace.

    I can keep typing until tomorrow but there is too much to cover so the best way is to download this game and discover things for yourself.


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    Lovisa. It's also my irl name

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