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99th percentile

Hey. I'm Lycan and I'm a 27 year old dude from Sweden.
I like girls

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Lycan joined on Apr 29th, 2010, since that has made 979 posts that are still accessible today, 38 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Lycan has given 1601 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 8th, 2019.

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    Hahahahahahaha what the fuck

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    Hi, this is not allowed. and will probably be deleted soon.

    However I am curious, who is Stella and why is download mentioned twice? and what the fuck does utilities have to do with anything? This bot is..... an enigma

  • In Insecure about breasts

    I tried waxing a couple of times, too, but it's not that effective imo

  • In Insecure about breasts

    I shave my chest. wouldn't say there's any insecurity involved, I just prefer showing skin ;)

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    Never thought I'd say this but wow DC actually made me laugh there, that was actually funny

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  • In Am I cancer?

  • In Am I cancer?

    Given that the thread isn't very detailed, it still brings up an interesting topic. First of I'd say we have far more "canserous" users than you, only looking at this thread (not to mention "toxic") and I think the remark against you was both uncallrd for and unnecessary. I'd go so far as to even call it breaking against the site's rules. Check out the very first thing on the list:

    "Respect others within the community. Don't like a user? Ignore em'!"

    Secondly I think making threads is good, but it doesn't necessarily make you a quality user. I hope to see more threads from you mizlily! In fact I'd love to see more threads from everyone, given that they follow the rules of course! Many, like me, feel like the forum is less than interesting and it's honesly nice to see something different for once.

  • In Guess who's back also important post

    Who's Dec?

    I think there's a big difference between making the site more active and bringing back old users. Chances are that many old users that left left for a reason. If it's an external reason such as work, studies, new hobbies or whatever there ain't much we can do. If there's an internal issue we could try to fix it. But more importantly I think we need to get new members. If you can come up with any ideas for that I'd be interested.

  • In Summer Plans 2018

    I still haven't gone to a gay club yet, you wanna go?