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Heyoo Guys, Just someone who likes memes and music. Hope to get along with all of you. UwU

MacV joined on Nov 25th, 2017, since that has made 13 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, MacV has given 17 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 3rd, 2019.

  • In ♫~ lo-fi hip hop & more ~♫

    Listening to this make me think about life more... thought I'd share it with you guys since I remember this page has a lofi hip hop thread..xD

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    This makes me think about love when I don't even have a love life..xD

  • In Post the song that matches your current feeling in life.

    At this point.. I dont even know anymore lol..

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    I love the sound of the chorus.. <3 #Nostalgic

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    I have been quite bummed about my future and what lies ahead. This week, I received a scholarship to a country I long to go but was strictly unapproved by my dad due to his constant worries and fears. Sometimes I wish my mom was still here... I had to make some tough decisions and stand up for my dream. Today, I finally got his approval thanks to the all sleepless nights and prayers... I don't want to disappoint dad and lose his trust. Gotta have no distractions. One problem though.. I don't know if my heart can handle it. Maybe being in the same university as a certain someone won't be so bad..? I hope... :3

  • In New Musical Instruments

    @EvoRulz hahahaha..xD definitely~ IceBear you cool~ xD I love icebear! xD

  • In Daily Happiness Thread

    @EvoRulz well... The crowd wanted me to sing so yeah... I wasn't prepared so I just sang a blink 182 song.. But they liked it :D everything was fine and I did a drum solo :) thanks for asking tho! ^-^ I hope your day went well too (^v^)

  • In Daily Happiness Thread

    @Dane thank youuuu~~ :D

  • In CL Music Club

    @EvoRulz dude the songs you make are <3 its awesome~ keep up the good work! :D

  • In CL Music Club

    Man.. I love music! :D there is a saying that 'Music cleanse the soul.." I hope I can join this club. ^-^ and I'll try to posts some of my music too. :3