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Bitch, I'm back.
And I'm still fabulous.

MarkovAlgeroth joined on Jun 9th, 2013, since that has made 29 posts that are still accessible today, 12 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, MarkovAlgeroth has given 39 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 11th, 2019.

  • In POs inthis theresd when your durnk OK

    I'm always a a slut for gin and tonic

  • Cool Places And The Things Inside Them

    So I live on a 1880s farmhouse built up a mountain by the sea. It's nice and peaceful, but the internet is terrible. The place used to be my Grandparents' farm, but since they died a while ago, first my cousins lived here, now I'm living here. You can see the farmhouse in the background.

    The view from the hills on the property is great, if tiring to get to. I'm told that in a few decades the property will be subdivided between my cousins and my siblings, and I plan on making a house with some actual insulation.

    So these places are cool and I like to show them off. What are some cool places that you know of? Post pics if possible.

    Oh and here's this sweet fucking cow skull I found in some bushes. I'm surprised it still has all it's teeth.

  • Culinary Enclaves

    I've been in Sydney on holiday for a few days, and today I went to a Ramen place that a friend recommended to me. It was a bitch to find because it was on the only floor that the elevator didn't go to, in the back of a food court in a corner of an asian market. We got there eventually and of course it was closed, but we were still surrounded by asian food stalls, so I got an entire steamed fish swimming in lemon and chilli.

    This got me thinking.

    There are little China Towns and asian markets pocketed throughout every large city I've been to. There are little asian enclaves like this in western cities, so my question is are there little western enclaves throughout Asian cities? I know there are the 'Grand Imperial Hotels of The King of Whateverland' that you can stay and eat in for a billion dollars a head, but I'm looking for markets, clusters of stalls, little pockets of Europe. Anyone got anything?

  • In What Brought You to Colorless?

    I was lookin for memes like 6-7 years ago, which led me to CL. Then I met some British dude ( @mll ) on a thread and we messaged until the old site died of frostbite. Then I've been on and off since.

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    Y'all like goth cowboys, right?

  • Shiny New Stab Holes

    A while ago I got my first ear piercing, because I made a drunken agreement with my girlfriend's dad (the bastard still hasn't gotten his). The other day it got infected, so I replaced the stud with a silver ring, or a sleeper, or whatever it's called so it'd be easier to clean. And damn, there were so many to choose from.
    This got me thinking.
    If piercings are so available and easy to get, surely some of you cool cats would have some.

    What piercings do you have? Why'd you get them? Do you want more?

  • Colourless Dictatorship

    You have become the dictator of your country through a coup or something. Elaborate if you want. You must choose the first 5 things you do. These can be personal, legislation, military, whatever. Name your country. WHAT DO?
    I'll start.

    I've become the Australian Dictator because I beat every Australian Minister in a drinking contest.
    1. Legalize gay marriage (Australia's government is kinda shit right now)
    2. Cheaper healthcare and education.
    3. Tax the large corporations and rich (healthcare and education money gotta come from somewhere)
    4. More government-provided jobs (to help with unemployment, and to get shit done)
    5. Get fucking hammered (ain't nobody gonna stop me).

    Your turn.

  • Swords, Guns, Weapons.

    For as long as there have been humans, there have been weapons. Big rocks. Pointy sticks. Copper, tin, bronze, iron, & steel blades, axes, & maces. Then guns and stuff. I'm not trying to be profound or any shit, I'm just listing a little.

    So humans have always had weapons for various reasons, like war, hunting, authority, and looking pretty. However historically there have been mass bans of weapons, like Cromwell melting all of England's swords, Australia banning automatic and semi-automatic weapons after the Port Arthur Massacre, and plenty others (don't think this is anywhere near a comprehensive list).

    So weapons are everywhere (and everywhen) humans are, though ruling bodies have a very long track record of banning or removing them. I'm a big war nerd and history nerd, so I know a lot about historical weaponry, and more than I probably should about guns (I can strip and maintain an AK but I can't take care of my own car). Being in Australia I can get all manor of swords and knives (with some restrictions, like no flick knives, and any short blade with an enclosed handle is out), though guns are heavily restricted (see Port Arthur Massacre). Pistols are right out unless you're police or certified security personnel, only certified citizens can have hunting/sporting rifles, and semi/full automatic rifles are the domain of the military.

    In terms of firearms, as a civilian I can get some relics and curios with a collector's license (when I'm older I'm hoping to get some WW1/2 era bolt action rifles). In terms of historical weaponry, I've already collected some swords, polearms, knives, and armour, all of which are legal thankyou.

    So, Colourless. I ask you. What do you think about weapons, historical and modern?. What do you think should be banned or allowed? Where do you draw the line? Are you currently hoarding weaponry, and if so, whatcha got?

  • In So You Rolled 1

    @Bavalt Whatever edition you want

  • So You Rolled 1

    You rolled a 1? Dude, you're so fucked. You fall in the hole and die.

    "I DIE? It's only 4 feet! I'm 6 foot tall, how the hell do I DIE?"

    I don't know. Your deranged 2 Intelligence brain decides to do a flip but decides against it halfway? Don't make me narrate your broken 1 Constitution neck

    "You are the worst Dungeon Master ever. Like why would you make me keep those shit stat rolls if you knew I was just going to break my neck, or critically stub my toe and lose a fucking leg?"

    To be fair, that was hilarious

    "Yeah, fuck you. Jeez, I can't believe I wasted so much time with this."

    Ok, ok. because I am a merciful god, I'll ALLOW you to make a new character. No rolling dice, just make it balanced...ish.

    Make a DND character. Nothing too OP (like no giving yourself 20 of each stat or some such bullshit). And try to make it playable. Whatever level you like.