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I love reading and watching [manga and anime]

I am not fluent in English, so I'm sorry if I were to create a thread with no sense.

I am a proud Filipino, and I loooove manga veeeeery much!!!

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  • In Your worst nightmare

    My dream was i am in a trapped world. And together with me was some kids trying to save themselves from the creatures outside that is trying to kill and eat us.

    With plenty of weapons found in the basement of our camp. We tried to fight the creatures. We have succeeded and almost everyone has escaped this long gone trapped world of monsters.

    But when there are 3 of us left our enemies got stronger and sent us flying everywhere.

    I decided to let them pass first then me. The plan succeeded but when it was my turn to escape, but the children shut the exit door before I could get out.

    Before shutting the door one child said "It's better for him to stay and fight them off so that we can escape safely".

    And then those creatures got me. In their rage, they thrown me into a dull grinder. It's so painful inside the grinder. The feeling of your body continuously and slowly grinding your body with dull blades.

    After the grinder I'm still sleeping [God why wouldn't I wake up after those painful shits] And then they scattered my body pieces unto the ground. My one eye still intact saw my family laughing together while animals eating my body parts.

    And then a guy came walking towards my eye and stepped on it. And then I woke up.

    It's a hellish nightmare.

  • In @Mod we don't have enough posts as it is

    CL will be in chaos

  • In The collection of feel animes

    Angel Beats, Clannad

  • In What is your favorite color and why?

    Black, White and Grey.

    Because I think that the 3 of them are pure colors. Except for grey[it is half color]

  • In Three Reasons Why Possession of Child Pornography Must Be Re-Legalized in the Coming Decade

    Unfortunately, those who have power and money can control the law at will. In this world there are many corrupt people everywhere.

    That's why they're protecting those child molesters, those people probably have enough money to buy protection against the victimized people.

    To change that fact is to find someone that is powerful enough, but is also willing to help the victims from those molesters.

  • In Happy memories

    Mine was when I got my very first Anime, if it weren't for that anime, me and my sister wouldn't have bought many anime until now...

    Another one is when i got a laptop.

    And another one is when i got to beat up my brother. That was the happiest day I ever had. I really miss that part.

  • In K-On


    How do you post pictures and videos? I don't know anything about BBCode and/or Markdown Code or any code to put or program to insert a picture or video.

  • In how many animes have you watched?

    65 Anime and 100 Mangas is my guess. 7 yrs. of watching and reading.

    and still counting...

  • In Most Interesting Character

    Izaya of Drrr Yagami Light of Death Note Fudo of Aquarion Keima Katsuragi of The World God Only Knows

  • In Question #1

    Fairy Tale's Emblem on the back