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  • In j stars victory vs 2013

    It does look pretty cool, but I won't import it unless they definitely say there's no chance of an English localization, though I guess that should be expected since games like this rarely, if ever, make it over here.

    Now if they threw in say, Tsuna from Katekyou Hitman Reborn, or Train Heartnet from Black Cat, that would change my mind and get me super excited for this.

  • In A neat thing with PS3 covers

    It could be that it's only the limited edition, I'm not sure, I bought mine online from Ozgameshop.

    Did you get the limited edition of Catherine? With the Empty heart Shirt, Catherine pillowcase and Vincent's boxer shorts? I did ^^

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    @animeftw It has the odd advantage but I'd rather be in America since they pay far less for games.

    New release console game in America = $60 from what I heard New release console game in Australia = $100 Current exchange rate: 1 USD = 0.92720 AUD

    Sense this makes none...

  • In "Tales of" Series Official Disscusion Thread: Tales of Xillia Getting Localized!

    Europe has been doing more and more awesome limited editions and preorder bonus things lately. We got a special edition of Persona 2: Innocent Sin that I think was exclusive to EU as well.

  • In A neat thing with PS3 covers

    @animeftw YUS! The reversible cover was an image of Aigis with the Persona 3 Portable logo on it.

  • In A neat thing with PS3 covers
    My favorite reversible covers are Persona 3 Portable's one and the ones for Xenoblade for Wii's american art. Wonder which one will win the competition.

  • In The Must Watch list (A work in progress)

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: While the show starts out being a wacky light hearted comedy series about "No-Good Tsuna" Sawada Tsunayoshi and his spartan style home tutor Reborn, (who is a baby I might add.) And is filled with humor that quickly grows stale, after the first story arc the series slowly gains pace and picks up into a serious shonen anime about Mafia wars and time travelling.

    The story transforms Tsuna from a useless teenage loner with no skills or prospects into a strong leader of his own mafia family, with a good heart and the will to protect those close to him. The fights are spectacular, each character has a fighting style rather unique to them, ranging from explosive experts to transforming into Human-Dinosaur hybrids to do battle. The main cast are extremely likeable from the carefree baseball player Yamamoto to the aggressive head of the Disciplinary Committee Hibari.

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    The logo is a Giraffe getting a blowjob.

    You now cannot unsee this.