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Pariah joined on Nov 6th, 2012, since that has made 45 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Pariah has given 120 upvotes, and was last online on May 16th, 2017.

  • In Colorless Games Night

    No, I am saying that a lot of people who play on PC pirate their games for various reasons. Especially teens are more likely to pirate PC games than console ones.

    Think about this: Gamestop is fairly popular and widespread, to the point where other game stores are having a hard time. You can go to Gamestop, Walmart or somesuch and pick up a ton of console games and pay with your pocket money or cash in general.
    Sadly, you'll usually have a very hard time finding more than the most recent, hyped PC games in stores, with the market having shifted away from retail to digital sales.

    Now, just looking around, a lot of people complain they don't have the means to buy digitally, due to lack of credit cards, paypal, or simply bank accounts. Those people do probably want to play games, but don't have the means to purchase them without asking mommy and daddy to help them with the payment.

    Meanwhile, thepiratebay is around, offering them pre-cracked games for PC without any effort whatsoever. Even if they then like the game and want to buy them, most big titles are multiplatform releases, and can be bought in stores - again, for X360 or PS3.

    Now, there are means to buy digital PC games, like via Paysafe Cards, or the recently introduced Steam Wallet cards sold by Gamestop. Those are available in 20/50 $/€ values, sold for the exact amount you'll be able to buy for off Steam. But like I said, they're new, and people aren't yet fully aware of this option, and the advantages they bring over buying used copies from Gamestop.

    That's not to say that there is no market for the PC, but from what I've seen here so far, the balance swings heavily towards console gaming, and when showing a game or two to people, they'll most likely hop to TPB to "check it out", instead of, for example, downloading a legit demo.

    I'm honestly unsure what I'd like to play in multiplayer, or what would be suitable, considering timezones and such.

    I think games like Terraria could work, or Torchlight II. I wouldn't mind a bigger group of players coming together to play Civilization V, or strategy games like Dawn of War II, which offer a coop "Last Stand" mode throwing 3 players into an arena to survive waves of enemies, next to the RTS part.
    Super Monday Night combat could be entertaining, if we could get two teams @ 5 people together - and that game is free.

  • In Colorless Games Night

    Personally not a fan of Left4Dead. Gets dull far too easily =/

    I wonder why it seems so easy for people to gather for console gaming, though. You can game on PC too, people! Of course, you'd probably have to actually pay for your games...

  • In [Locked]

    But wasn't that the point? The lucky, yet dead, dude/gal wasn't even part of this community, at least now according to the data we got so far.

    The only one who knew he/she/it and is part of this community is still alive, yet.. well, mourning on chat.

    I totes agree on the reduction of the human race part. Too many of 'em, let's burn 76% and we'll be better off, as a community.

  • In Colorless Games Night

    Maybe even some PC games?

    I'd like that as well.

  • In Secret Santa 2012

    Sad to see this project being so short on users participating =/

  • In [Locked]

    But... Red_Dot is still a douche.

    No he/she/it is not. I doubt it, at least for the time being.

    We, the so called "community" don't know the dead dude/gal. We only know a person who knew said dude/gal. The information that somebody you or me knew just bit the dust holds... well... no worth to anybody else on here.

    And to post this screenshot and thread on here, which obviously wasn't meant to gather comfort for the deceased dude/gal, but to point fingers at @Dec's "bad" timing, is beyond tasteless, even more so than the suggestions we've gathered on this thread so far (of which some are pretty damn amazing!).

    For the record, I don't feel any sympathy for megumi(?). I could feel some for the dead dude/gal, but that's probably pointless by now. Then again, I didn't know him/her in the first place, so I don't think I'd feel sympathy anyway.
    I don't lie awake at night, crying my eyes out about those poor kids in africa, or "terrorism" victims, or pure braindead people. There's no point in having those things affect you unless you are personally involved, in one way or another.

    Don't get me wrong, I recognize the hardships placed on the dead's family and friends, but I'm neither of those, and not even especially close to them.

  • In [Locked]

    While @Wolfangle was busy typing his last post, half a dozen kids died in africa. He didn't give a damn about those kids, I bet.

  • In [Locked]

    We're helping Dec in her time of need. Of course its making things better for her!

  • In [Locked]

  • In Hitman: Absolution - Launch Trailer Live!

    Its a sad thing that the title "Hitman" doesn't remind you of a fairly popular and successful video game franchise that started in 2001 but rather a debatably crappy Manga that started in 2004 and still hasn't gotten around to deliver a satisfying conclusion after more than 400 chapters...

    A thread that isn't about a shitty anime or manga...