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    Men's small.

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    I was cleaning up my shelf and thought, "Hey, why not?" Re-posting because I gave away some albums and got some new ones. The pictures are pretty bad and some albums are out of order, but whatevs. http://i.imgur.com/twMN6qO.jpg






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    Aw, sweet. I'm glad that you're able to attend, especially since they'll be having new material with their long-awaited September release. Unfortunately, I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and airfare can be quite expensive.

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    Living in Hawaii, I don't really get to see too many big name bands that I like because we're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, like everywhere else, there are a ton of local acts that perform every other week. I used to go to a lot of them back in my first year of college, mostly indie rock or electronic stuff. Most of the venues are bars and lounges, so it can get pretty crowded and personal. Recently, I've discovered our state's punk rock/hardcore scene and some of the stuff's pretty awesome. About eight months ago, I went to go see this hardcore punk band, Siblings. That was probably the most sore I've ever come out of a gig. On the bus ride home, I must have looked so shitty that this girl actually offered a seat to me with a very concerned look on her face. The next morning, I realized that someone punched me in the head so hard that it was painful to be aroused for the next few days. On another occasion, I went to check out At Sea, a now defunct local post rock band. It was their last performance and I was so glad that I could catch them because it was also my first time attending a post rock show. Back when they were together, I would always attend performances by my friends' indie rock outfit, Applecore. The bandcamp link provides some of their earlier stuff that might have needed some work, but they got pretty good and delved into other genres like noise and post rock, which I thought was pretty amazing.

    For the more bigger bands, I've seen Touché Amoré, Joyce Manor,The Cure, and Foster the People. Such a small amount, eh?

    Touché Amoré's show was pretty awesome. As expected, more than half the audience knew and shouted along to pretty much all the songs played (the only ones I didn't know were the ones from their splits and maybe a couple from Is Survived By). The performance was great, but the only thing that I was a little disappointed in was the venue: it was pretty big for what I'd expect for a TA show so there was a lot of space for everyone. My friends and I got to the front so that we could hang on to the barrier if need be, but we had no problems staying out of the pit behind us.

    Joyce Manor's show was held in a much more cozy bar and they were pretty good sports about the drunk guy stealing the mic for a minute or two. No encore performance, but they announced that near the end, saying that they'd rather skip that walking off stage and walking back on routine and get straight to playing a couple more songs. No matter how hard my friends and I tried to stay together, we'd always end up separated on different ends of the room after each song due to how tightly packed everyone was - think a ripple effect of movement. There was also this woman who tried to do a stage dive, but ended up kneeing me in my crotch.

    The Cure - ah, The Cure. Nothing like 80's goth rock/new wave to get you in the mood to dance. This was probably the longest show I've ever been to. They did three encore performances, making the entire experience four hours long. Even though they played in an enclosed arena with security in every section, that didn't stop people from enhancing their experience with cannabis and giving the place a particular aroma.

    Foster the People was probably the first band I saw while in high school. Looking back, it was pretty all right. Nothing too special. They didn't do an encore and they didn't have much material to work off of since they had only released Torches. Still an entertaining experience.

    There are so many bands I'd love to see in the future, particularly The Pixies, St. Vincent, Kinoko Teikoku, Tricot, Kayo Dot, DFA1979, Swans, and GY!BE. I know that it's probably never going to happen, but I'm still hoping that Midori and Mass of the Fermenting Dregs get back together so I could attend at least one of each of their shows. However, if I could only pick two to ever see, I'd include Boris and Mono.

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    Swans "Teeth" T-shirt. Although Filth isn't my favorite album by them, I found this shirt the most appealing when looking through their merch.

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    Truckin' Swans, mothertrucker. If you haven't heard of them yet, why not? They're an experimental group started in the 80's. After more than thirteen years since their break up in 1997, they got back together in 2010 and have since released three new albums. Earlier this month, they had just released their most recent one, To Be Kind.

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    @Ipotane Glad you like them. Unfortunately, their drummer left the band earlier this year, so it's back to a three-piece. Hope you do get to see them live. I hadn't heard of Enemies before, but thanks for the recommendation. And I had heard Tera Melos before, but never really gave them a good listen until now. Very good stuff. I'm enjoying their X'ed Out album.

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    Mikgazer (album)

    Found out about this during late summer of last year, but I thought it'd be cool to share with you folks, anyway. It's a compilation of shoegaze songs by different artists who incorporate Vocaloid software into their tracks.

    Julia Holter

    Found out about her through TND's channel on YouTube. Experimental/ambient.

    The Cinematic Orchestra Presents: In Motion #1 (album)

    Another compilation album that features experimental and contemporary classical/jazz artists.

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    I don't normally listen to this type of electronic music, but I thought this was pretty catchy and I like how the lyrics depict someone who is admitting their specifically carnal attraction to a partner, but in a melancholic manner.

    I Kill Giants

    Math rock/emo band. Unfortunately, found out about them after they broke up earlier this year.


    More math rock, but with a Japanese pop feel.


    Post rock, but utilizes traditional Korean instruments.

    Totally Nebular

    Short-lived indie/electronic rock band that only came out with one album.