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Pirateness joined on Jan 25th, 2012, since that has made 36 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Pirateness has given 48 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 5th, 2013.


    @Di-Kitsune it seems so. too bad I'm an eternal optimist so I guess I'm still waiting for new episodes :)

  • In All Things BRITISH

    West Ham, the Inbetweeners and Skins!

  • In All Things BRITISH

    British thread! Uuuu like it :D It's my dream country .

  • In Favorite Quote

    There's so many! But first one that comes to my mind is "Only stupid people calls other people stupid" said by Shizuo from Durarara :D

  • In Would You Rather

    I'd take the pill, it still gives me a chance to survive.

    Would you rather be the last man on Earth, living another 50 years alone or being surrounded 24/7 by a bunch of loud annoying assholes for the rest of your life?

  • In DURARARA!! characters

    Aaah I already said why I made this thread, and if u all h8 it so much, ignore it and post in that other thread. It's that simple. D'oh

    @Asonohara_45 I guess I'll have to read the novels. Oh well :)


    @TalTal19 harsh! haha jk XD I will, I guess

  • In DURARARA!! characters

    @Asonohara_45 yap. But I also believe that she would still have feelings for Shinra, as her body is active and has thoughts, but her head doesn't, or it seems so. But that depends on autor's choice on how to continue the story. Quite the topic for a wide discussion, ha? I've gotta go, but I'll reply on your reply next time I log in :D

  • In Suicide, what do you think?

    None of us that aren't suicidal can't get it, and those who are, well they're wrong whatever the reason.

  • In DURARARA!! characters

    @Asonohara_45 hahaha...she said she doesn't want her head anymore, that's true, but if she knew where her head was, she would be tempted and I wanna see how would that evolve. And stuff like that.