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I am an otaku, who isn't afraid to admit it!

My favorite anime are Monogatari Series (I.E Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari), Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist, and One Piece (Though I only read the manga now due to their crappy animating).

If you ever need anime recommendation, I recommend tons of anime. I also draw and write often too, and I am willing to trade drawings for something i nreturn (IE: MMD Models, Oneshot, Drawing, etc.). So if you're interested then message me .w. I will not ignore anyone. I can also do oneshot trades too, if you wish. I have a Wattpad too, but I don't feel like linking it to the public due to lots of loose projects and unfinished books. So if you wanna know my wattpad, message me and i'll give you it. If you follow, i'll follow back c;

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  • In Waifu Charts!

    Who would my match be? If you could tell me I will seriously make you something *^* I am a pretty good artist. c: