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99th percentile

Hello everyone. I'm PureCarnage. Yup. To be truthful I'm just a lazy guy who enjoys his games and shows. Also saying "hmm" for some reason. But yeah. Well that's it so have a good day!

Oh also I do have skype/discord. Just ask for it if it interests you.

PureCarnage joined on Dec 18th, 2011, since that has made 57 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, PureCarnage has given 61 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 30th, 2018.

  • In "BREAKING: Girls Play Video Games, Local [US] News Discovers"

    Ohh wow. Girl gamers? You mean all the friends I have on xbox live that sound like females that I've been playing with for years are actually female gamers? Wow. . . . comes to show how stupid news channels can be these days.

  • In Transistor: It's OUT, It's Beautiful!

    That looks pretty good. And with the music to top it off I might just get it. . .til then. . .my money shall be waiting. . .

  • In If you had a Portal Gun

    I have so many ideas but here's two of them.

    1. Place one above and below me so I would go in a forever fall to reach max velocity and when I see a target make a fist, see a wall, set a portal up, launch myself out of the wall's portal, and punch the hell out of the target. They'll never see it coming. . . .>: D

    2. Make a portal from my home to Italy. screw the stresses of home and relax in maybe Venice.

  • In Mew-Genics! The One and Only CAT LADY SIM

    A cat lady simulator. People will make a simulator of just about anything won't they? XD But this looks fun.

  • In The Copyright Alert System

    You know. . . I'm really getting tired of this copy right crap. Also I have decided that most likely I am going to move out of the United states in my future.

  • In Colorless Online Gaming Project

    I guess you got a point but I'd rather we continue on with this and have a game we all play together as a community. But it feels like we've hit a brick wall. So I guess I pick one of the games mentioned before and find you guys in it. Maybe after a bit this will project will get rebooted.

  • In Colorless Online Gaming Project

    So what now? Do we continue to search for games, wait for some to come out as free, or what? I'd rather not let this plan die and be forgotten,


    wow. . . . Best. Just one of the best. This has made my day.

  • In Valentine's Day

    Well like all of my previous Valentine Day's. . . .alone and most likely just going to just see other couples do their thing as I'm alone doing nothing but be a lazy and eat. Maybe have some sweets or something. . .not sure.

  • In Colorless Online Gaming Project

    Well I'm up to the idea if my computer can run it, and if it's free. This Megaten looks interesting but I'm up to all and new ideas and such. Lets see what else we can find.