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99th percentile


Sheep joined on Feb 13th, 2015, since that has made 298 posts that are still accessible today, 3 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Sheep has given 990 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 4th, 2019.

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    I hope "nothing's wrong" is enough to calm your guilt. We all don't want to deal with emotional shit, I know. Give me space.

    Thanks, friend.

  • In What are you reading?

    the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger

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  • In Coffee?

    @shafnat Ooo. Condensed milk, noted uwu

    And no aaaa I meant the coffee you said were cheap and stuff. Thoooose. How to turn those into liquid coffee :O

  • In Coffee?

    @shafnat what kind of milk? Also, how does one make coffee out of robusta- do you remember the photos from instagram? How do you make coffee out of those xD

  • In Coffee?

    How does Robusta coffee work :0 Teach me, senpai-tachis uwu

  • In The Genre of your Life RN

    Non-goat o-o)/

    Can't think of anything other than Slice of Life- with a bit of Comedy maybe :0

  • In What’s the weirdest thing you have eaten as a kid?

    A roach

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  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Pls send a voice recording of you singing this :)