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TechnoNinja joined on May 3rd, 2010, since that has made 25 posts that are still accessible today, 3 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, TechnoNinja has given 28 upvotes, and was last online on Jan 17th, 2019.

  • In One-Punch Man Gets an Anime Adaption!

    You just made my day. I cant wait!

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    Everything on the Melty Blood Soundtrack, but mostly the chill songs...

  • In Shizaya, Love it or Hate it?

    I love both characters seperately but no not together.... If you really wanted to stretch it maybe, but no... just no

  • In Possibly the Next J.K. Rowling?

    @Maudia Lately dystopia and supernatural novels have been the two things that have caught and kept my interest the most. It's been done to death but i can't get enough lol. As for the actual book, It looks good, Ive been reading a shit ton lately so ill probably pick it up

  • In Random facts!:D Everybody loves them!

    Fact 1: If I looked pretty as a girl, I would cross dress from time to time, just to throw people off. Fact 2: I sometimes have full on rants/conversations with myself, either in my head or out loud Fact 3: I have a slight obsession with beating people with cute things.(in games) Fact 4: I don't trust anybody that I know Fact 5:"Always confirm the Tapioca..."

  • In Summer 2013 Anime

    I swear this season is soooo random. The rozen maiden reboot. Another Genshiken season from no where(which i absolutely love.) And then we have some weird concepts like Uchouten Kazoku and the anime where the guy is a dog(sorry I forgot what its called). Loads of second seasons for cool animes as well. Just a strange season, but i like it... :O

  • In Yu-gi-oh! Dueling Network

    @InsaneBoredGame yeah thats what I ended up using. It just took a while for my new computer to decide to run it

  • In Yu-gi-oh! Dueling Network

    Ugh oh DN.... I cannot express how much anger I have developed from that site. People are dumb as fuck. Not knowing your rules is one thing. Just ask and that's it. It's the people who refuse to even fathom that you may be right and they are wrong that just baffles me. They really need an automatic dueling system. As it is right now some people can make a 5 minute duel last 20 minutes because they don't know simple shit. I once had someone yell at me bc I used a trap card on their turn.... I mean come on that's simple shit

  • In 3 movies that will make you think.

    @johan_5179 Hard Candy was absolutely amazing. I just watched it and it was definitely worth the watch.

  • In Deus Ex: The Fall: PC Version Out

    I've actually played all of these games surprisingly. I got the first two really randomly too. My favorites are definitely Human Revolution and Invisible War( I think that's what it was called) No idea why they went with an ios game though. I was about to be excited too >.>