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Qarr is pretty great
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Teil joined on Nov 23rd, 2013, since that has made 368 posts that are still accessible today, 10 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Teil has given 521 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 16th, 2016.

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

    Teil vs. @BakaHime. She more or less crushed me. Good game though.


  • In Fate/Grand Order

    I too am addicted to this bullshit. I've been playing since the first week it came out but I haven't been the most loyal so my servants are pretty much 6 months behind what they would've been if I kept letting it control my life. Gacha refused to notice me until Christmas where I got my first gold servants, including Gil my first 5*. Ever since then Gacha hasn't been too mean to me. Pics of my squad later maybe. Help

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

    It's kind of difficult to find a time to play as we're 12 hours apart and BakaHime has school. As much as I'd love to stay up until 4 am or wake up in the middle of my sleep to play a game of chess, I do have my own responsibilities during the day that make it difficult to do so.

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

    I'll show you no mercy NONE

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

    I'd like to participate in this one too

  • In Show off your desktops!

    I have a problem help

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    Catchy and mildly depressing. Wonderful

  • In CL's Top Anime Couple! [WINNER ANONUNCED!]

    Gonna have to go with Claire and Chane~

  • In CL's Top Anime Couple! [WINNER ANONUNCED!]

    OH MAN SAWAKO. I miss that show, but yeah I vote for Sawako and Kazehaya

  • In RWBY

    More or less correct. Neo a best. This was a nifty little time killer Neo