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  • In Website Bookmarks!

    @Pigboss Thanks for the mention, it's been a while :D. Basically have been going through a rough time so I am just trying to get everything back under control. Moving across the country didn't exactly help things either haha.

    Minecraft.net 8tracks.com myanimelist.net twitch.tv google.com


    Moving in a week, however, if I manage to purchase a new computer I would gladly join whoever needs someone on their team. Not anywhere near pro but I know how to play alright.

  • In What's Your School Like ?

    What is...... school?

  • In You don't have to like the game.

    As much as I hate COD snipers, this is actually pretty damn sweet.

  • In Wristwatch

    Walking Dead Watch

    Yup.... totally rocking this.

  • In Assassin's Creed III

    Just pre-ordered it tonight when I went in to pick up Mass Effect 3. This game is going to be amazing. I can't wait to throw some tomahawks like a badass and then yell at my screen in frustration because he jumped the opposite way of my joystick's direction while trying to pursue somebody.

  • In Body Modifications/Tattoo/Piercing

    I have none, but damn tattoos and piercings are so hot. Plan on getting a few tattoos in the future though. Both of my closest friends have sleeves/half sleeves and I am jealous because I am broke :/

  • In FF versus xiii

    A present-day/more mature Kingdom Hearts is what the trailer makes it out to be. I stopped following it in 2010 when I heard there were no plans for release soon. I want it now dammit T.T

  • In GuildWars 2 Beta

    Sick I signed up last night :D Definitely going to buy it when it's out.

  • In Unpopular Opinions

    @animeftw Zombies started to get boring too D:

    • I didn't like either Bioshock game, found them boring and not scary/creepy at all.
    • Fallout 3 and New Vegas were bad, not revolutionary in any way. There are motorcycle and car parts everywhere and I can macgyver almost anything except a damn vehicle, WHY THE FUCK CANT I DRIVE!?
    • Jet Li's movies are bad-ass.
    • I agree with a lot of the stuff said in this thread.