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  • In E3 2013

    E3 is going to suck major cock. Microsoft shot itself in the foot, Nintendo has more nothing as usual, and Sony is just going to show us more of the same stuff, which is more or less a positive thing considering what the other two companies are doing.

  • In Xbox One - All You Need to Know (in order to convert to PS or PC)

    ^ Seriously. Why not just get rid of discs completely and go the Steam way? They're just creating waste now.

  • In Xbox One - All You Need to Know (in order to convert to PS or PC)

    Yeah, Microsoft is giving me a headache. They're acting like Nintendo.

  • In Xbox One - All You Need to Know (in order to convert to PS or PC)

    The actual reveal didn't phase me much. They're trying to appeal to the normies, and whether or not they are I can't say. I can tell they've pissed off the gaming community though, and because 1) This thing looks expensive as fuck, and 2) It may not be backwards compatible, I'm going to avoid it. As for the Playstation 4, I haven't read or watched anything about it yet. But I hope the case is at least prettier than the PS3's.

  • In Google Play has jacked Apple Store, Pandora & Spotify

    Refer to the video below. But even then, people say that that's not what the soldier is saying.


  • In Google Play has jacked Apple Store, Pandora & Spotify


  • Google Play has jacked Apple Store, Pandora & Spotify

    Which I think is great, because now I can just go to Google instead of fooling with these three+ different sites. With the introduction of the All Access program on Google Play, Google has simultaneously created its own Spotify and its own Pandora. All Access is simple: pay $9,99 a month, listen to whatever is in the catalog whenever you want. The new Radio feature is just as simple to grasp: Smush all your favorite artists and songs into your own personal radio station.

    While totally awesome, I'm fearful of Google's growing influence on, well everything. Maybe I'm just paranoid and this is a stage all companies go through before eventually imploding on themselves? Whatever this is, I know I'm pretty much all Google right now, other than Windows and Comcast. ChromeOS is totally useless for the work I do and the games I play, and I'd have Google Fiber if it were available in my area.

    Of course, Google can only hold a monopoly if they do it all right. So far it just looks pretty, there's still a lot of real world testing to be done.

    Anyway here's some links:

    Google Play Music: All Access (Only available in USA / Free Trial requires credit/debit card)

    Keynote Announcement

  • In What's your opinion on Windows 8?

    Windows 8 is whatever to me. Stuff works. What I hate is UEFI. It's a bitch to get things dual-booting on that thing. But it's a learning process.. so.. yay learning.

    P.S. The only reason Windows 8 boots faster is because it's actually just 'hibernating', which insanely fucks you over if you're trying to dual-boot. You can switch this feature off in the Power Options.

    If I want to hibernate, I'll hibernate, kthx Microsoft.

  • In HabitRPG: For the RPGer with bad habits!

    Star date 05.14.2013. My laziness has killed my character 6 times thus far. This truly is..

    The hardest game ever.

  • HabitRPG: For the RPGer with bad habits!
    HabitRPG is an open source habit building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game. Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you fail, earn money to buy weapons and armor.

    That pretty much sums it up guys. I've been waiting around for something like this to pop up, and so far it has gotten everything right. If you've hit that new low of boredom in your life like me, this game may somewhat alleviate you. It's growing pretty well and earned $40,000+ during its kickstarter. So far my only gripe is the way the characters look. I pray to god they find someone who can draw cute little pixel warriors.