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Hi Neko here ♥♥

I am a girl who likes girls the end.

love you @kosuke

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  • In Hey Guys! Apparently We're All Going to Jail :D

  • Hey Guys! Apparently We're All Going to Jail :D

    I'll fix this thread later, I'm running late .

    That infuriating moment when Justin Beiber pops out first that Justin Carter; just for that, I'm going to kill everyone in school, piss on their corpses, rape their bodies, and set the world on fire. ARREST ME!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin Carter has been arrested for 5 months in the state of Texas for making a sarcastic comment, A JOKE, A FUCKING JOKE! He commented on facebook or in LoL; I don't know, the media did not stress that out but that doesn't matter, what really matters here is the undeniable fact that a 19 year old Kid, just about to go to college and start his life, has been arrested and is being tortured via solitary confinement. Mr. Carter has been violated, assaulted, and possibly confined to a prison cell with no light, no toilet, and no clothes just for saying a joke. This is against the constitution of America; proven until guilty? HAHA FUCKING HA! NO! Freedom of speech? How about freedom to be fucked in the ass for dropping the soap, how does that fucking sound? Apparently the American legal system has gone down the shitter. This kid had no trial, there is no evidence proving that he is guilty; basically he is GUILTY until proven innocent. (Howard Bloom 2013) And this is what really grinds my fucking gears. Remember that terrorist who blew up Manhattan killing over 30 people? Well guess what? He's not fucking guilty.

    A terrorist is not guilty, however a 19 year old INNOCENT MAN has been arrested FOR 5 FUCKING MONTHS for a sarcastic joke. Apparently jokes are illegal now. What's next "Illegal thoughts"? The justice system is irrational, against the constitution to which America was built upon, and has put an innocent 19 year old to jail with no trial, no say, and no hope. Please sign the petition for this young man's release.

    Watch these videos for more inspiration on setting this man free

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    Yes, there is a God, and he/she is powerful, wise, and made out of pasta

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    Mr. Tingles makes me feel tingly

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    I wuvs youuuuuuuu ;u;

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    Saved me from depression ;u;

    using her thumbs

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    Owns some awesome clothes

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  • In How much do you know about the CL members