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99th percentile

Ohai, Mark.

arnaK joined on Jan 27th, 2014, since that has made 111 posts that are still accessible today, 6 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, arnaK has given 237 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 6th, 2015.

  • In Concert Thread!

    So I just got home from Bombay Bicycle Club and HOLY SHIT THEY ARE SO AMAZING LIVE. Milo Greene opened for them and I fell in love with Marlene, one of the singers and the main synth person. They were both amazing and it was just great. Loved the energy and all the band members looked so happy while performing it made me happy haha!

    I am going to see Streetlight Manifesto again in like 3 days, on October 19th and I'm so excited. Their concerts are extremely fun.

    Other than that, I have these people lined up for me: alt-J, Julian Casablancas+the Voidz, Lights, and Tokyo Police Club with Said the Whale opening. Also maybe Rural Alberta Advantage but idk yet.

    Since the last time I posted, I've seen both Arctic Monkeys and Modest Mouse. They were both extremely great. I still need to upload some pictures and videos eventually but when I do, expect links and many pictures. :^)

  • In Artists of Colorless

    @Lieutenant They were pretty cheap for prismacolors actually. I got the 60 pack of the scholars for like somewhere between $16-25 i dont remember lol. But yeah they are really nice. Thanks y0!

  • In Artists of Colorless

    @Lieutenant Yup! I used Prismacolors in the "Scholar" pack. I didn't have enough time by the end of it so it ended up being a bit messy looking but oh well.

  • In Artists of Colorless

    Things I did in my art class.

    Drapery drawing:


  • In Artists of Colorless

    This isn't artwork but it is a cool little thingy I found on the internet that only artists would be interested in. I didn't want to start an entire new thread for it because it would seem like an advertisement and there wouldn't be much contribution from members, but for those interested in traditional art and enjoy a good marker, here is Art Snacks. Basically you get a set of like 5 or 6 markers delivered to your doorstep every month for I believe $20 a month or less depending on how long your subscription is (if you're in the states). Internationally, it's $30 a month. So yeah just some cool shenanigans for the traditional artists on here :D

  • In Artists of Colorless

    @C_Q_Kumber Was from my copics cuz they bled through and I didn't want to waste the paper lolo

  • In Artists of Colorless

    I sketched a rando a couple days ago! I forgot to sign it though oops :'D

  • In Location, Location, Location

    Canada, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

  • In New Music You've Discovered

    This is so DOPE.

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