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awkwardangels joined on Apr 2nd, 2013, since that has made 472 posts that are still accessible today, 9 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, awkwardangels has given 530 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 16th, 2018.

  • In What are you hyped about?

    I'm hopefully going to move in with my bf in June!!!

  • In What anime is everyone watching currently?

    I'm rewatching Devilman Crybaby and FMA:B. I barely even know what's airing this season lol.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    After numerous delays, I can safely say Persona 5 was well worth the wait. I currently have over 25 hours in the game, and nowhere near done!, and I'm having a blast. I've never had this much fun with a game before, it's to the point where I can play it for 4 hours straight without getting bored of it. Which is really rare for me, I have to take breaks with games ahahah.

    The story is really good for a JRPG, it feels very grounded for one. Besides the Personas and superhero stuff, the rest of it deals with abuse, sexual harassment, and just shitty adults in general. I cannot praise the game enough for having such a different take for a JRPG, it's so refreshing.

    I adore all the characters so far, except the enemy's which you are supposed to hate. Yusuke is a national treasure and even the protag is great, very relatable in a weird way.

    The graphics are amazing, the city feels so lived in and real in a way. The characters and Personas are rendered very well. The UI is the best I have ever seen in a video game, I'm not even kidding I spent 4 minutes messing around with it. It's so pleasing and interactive and stylish, looks exactly like it came from a comic book. The music is also really good, it's refreshing to have jazz in a video game and it certainly has it. Very calming, and relaxing OST over all, then again Meguro is among the best video game composers in my mind. To go from techno, to rock, to pop, to jazz.... wow.

    I still have a lot of game to cover, but I figured that I almost have 30 hours in the game it should be fair to judge it. The game is averge 110+ hours from what I've read, whew. I really, really like it so far though I can't put it down, it really is the best Persona game and what I wanted when it was originally announced in 2011.

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    I feel like I'm going nowhere in life because I have BPD and can't afford to make it better. (Fuck American healthcare. I'm thankful that ACA made it so I can have healthcare at all but seriously.) I try and do chores, read books at the park, take walks, etc but it doesn't help much. No job wants to hire someone with BPD either, it's depressing as shit.

  • In The Undateables
    • People who drink alcohol. This one is a huge and personal one, but for very personal reasons I can't ever date someone who drinks. Whenever I see alcohol I get really anxious and sometimes break down crying. You can have tons of fun without it anyway, I do.

    • Offensive assholes. By offensive I mean bigots, alt-right, racist sexist pieces of shit. I hate these types and you can count me to call you out if you are one.

    • People who hate animals. This one is pretty self explanatory but I love animals more than anything and can't stand animal haters so.

    That's all I can think of, really. Oddly enough I'm not super picky, but then again I'm taking a really really long break from dating.

  • In Most Anticipated Games of 2017

    Obviously. I've waited 6 years for Persona 5 to come out. It should be high on everyone's lists tbh.

  • In Two Years and Change

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I have a PS4 now so I've been playing a few games. (Sorry I can't link any images, my laptop broke so I'm on my tablet.)

    I've been playing God Eater Rage Burst, it's like a more fast paced Monster Hunter. It's pretty fun, the combat takes to getting used to because it's so fast paced. The craft system is fun too, there's a lot of weapons to choose from. And honestly the character customization is fun too, I spent too long on my character ahahaha.

    I've also been playing Tales of Zesteria. It's my first Tales of game so I can't comment too much on how it improves stuff from previous games, but it's really fun. I like it a lot, the characters are fun and the plot is pretty good too. Gameplay is typical action JRPG, but it's fun to switch between characters.

  • In What are you hyped about?

    Persona 5. After waiting nearly 6 years for this game to come out, it finally is in a little less than 3 weeks. I've heard many many people call it one of the best JRPGs, and that it's as good as the new Zelda game so... I'm very hyped.

    Also, after almost 2 weeks of seeing it in the theaters Logan is still leaving an impression on me. It is the single best superhero movie I've ever seen, and one I've wanted for awhile now. A darker take on a superhero movie, but it has lighthearted emotional stuff in it, I haven't cried during a movie in a long time but Logan left me bawling my eyes out after seeing it.

    You don't need to see other Xmen movies to see it, just know who Professor X and Wolverine is basically. I highly recommend it, I think it's my favorite movie of 2017 already.

  • In Goodbye 2016

    Oh wow hey, first post in forever and I can fully say 2016 sucked harder than ever. Mostly for personal reasons for me, like getting kicked out of my house and Trump winning making me stressed out about my future as I'll have no Healthcare next year and I really need it ahaha......

    I don't think 2017 will be better, but hey I can have some hope right?