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  • In Tell me about your dating life

    My relationship just now is with a handsome guy that makes me smile ear to ear that pushes me to do things when I feel like I can't. We've been together for over a year now and we have had crazy arguments and really fun warming memories made together. We understand that relationships aren't all rainbows and magical sex - it usually is however for us since we have learned about each other and tell each other what we like and are honest with it. He's been there to pick me up and tell me when to stop feeling sorry for myself and I have been there to do the same. We love each other since we love the flaws we have just as much as the parts that flourish. We have agreed to be together until we aren't happy together but I realistically don't see that happening as every day even if he's being a tit, I'll always find something to love about him.

    For our anniversary, we went to Berlin. It was beautiful, we enjoyed our time together. It's super sappy but I loved every moment with him and experiencing something new. Here is a photo of us, very drunk, in a club, at 7AM.

    I think the insightful thing about relationships that I can tell anyone is -

    -be honest with yourself and the other person

    -learn how to be comfortable

    -understand your boundaries and their boundaries

    -compromise and commitment for one another is good

    -sharing dog memes to one another is essential

    -make sure they make you smile every day

    -selfless gestures for the other makes the other very happy and feel very loved

  • In Tell me about your dating life

    Can I just make the point that it's not just his problem if the sex is bad? You have had SEVEN years to improve it with him. It's a two way street. If you're not enjoying yourself, you take the initiative to show him how its done and what you like. Sex with another person ain't gonna help you especially if you're not equally putting in the effort. It's an issue you both have to sort with yourselves. He might be inexperienced in the sense of he's only done it with another person but if you're having sex with him and you're not enjoying it, it's on you to tell him what you would like and it's on him to adhere as much as you have to listen to him too.

  • In Confessions

    I wish I had spent more time with my papa before he passed away and less time on stupid things

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    DC is most defo a guy

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  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    likes moe, p sure he'd marry one of this figurines if society didnt judge and allowed. best nerd i know thats in the know about warhammer

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  • In Guess who's back also important post

    @Rebel is that Rebel?.. The one that brings up unnecessary backlog content from four years ago that isn't hasn't really been a part of my daily fan fair for over 3 and a half years and cannot see the point that a dying site can actually happen as its life cycle as people tend to just get disinterested over all. Also, I'm unsure if you've noticed but the site goes down pretty often, I've been on here as a "banned" member speaking to mods for a few months now. Squeezy clean rules? Nah, more like if people were to describe how laid back this place is, its more horizontal.

    Pinning the blame on whether the site was going flop on someone sorta berates what actually happened. The content was going down, everyone that had originally came to the site was either graduating or moving on in life or literally just growing up. It's a silly assumption to blame it on one person as you have to think on how it's mostly the majority.

    Side note: relating things back to American politics is the worst analogy I've seen it almost made me chuckle. This is a website that sprouted from a fan base who had watched DRRR, got posted on 4chan and the majority of those that did come over 9 years ago have left. Drama happened but that's because it was actively run by teenagers.

  • Crime Boogaloo - tell me the spooky crimes of your country

    Well, hello boys and girls! I was wondering about branching out with my universally favorite past time. As the title can suggest, true crime! I know a lot of individuals have a keen interest on this subject and I had a little look on the site to see if there was anything available but apart from war crimes.


    What is crime??? u ask?? well

    Look at that citation, big wow.

    (Side note: Giddens is a great start for those wanting to delve into criminology at a higher level.)

    Anyway.. With the explanation of crime and what exactly crime could be considered, I would like to see what crime is for you guys. I come from a minority country (basically minority = minor set back and issues) and would love to hear from you about the crimes that either happen locally around you. Is there crimes that are prevalent within your societies? What would you consider a lesser crime that happens within other places? Whats the whackiest story you've heard recently?

    So here is a little example of what you get for searching Scottish news:

    Man arrested

    A crossbow and bolt, an axe, a dagger, and a hunting knife were found in an address in Church Court, Philipstoun, along with a quantity of cannabis.

    The search of a house in Auldhill Entry, Bridgend, resulted in the arrest of a 30-year-old man, who is scheduled to appear at Livingston Sheriff Court on Monday.

    Officers say they are continuing with this investigation and are following positive lines of inquiry.

    Det Insp Paul Batten said: "After intelligence was received relating to illicit items, including weapons and drugs, being within a number of West Lothian homes, swift enforcement action was carried out resulting in these recoveries and the arrest, so far, of one man.

    "Our inquiries are continuing and the public can rest assured that all resources at our disposal will be utilised as we continue to target those linked to organised crime in West Lothian."


    Would this be considered a crime within your country for this man to have all these items or would this be the exact description of ur chill asf neighbour that likes to dabble in hunting with that dank kush.

    Would like to hear ur thoughts.