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  • In FLORIDA MAN! Only in Florida...


    Did you live in the big city, or one of the smaller suburban areas? If suburban, then you probably didn't have a lot of crimes in your area.

  • In So who is going to Anime Expo 2013?

    Oh yeah, and my hotel for AX is located on, get this, Pico Blvd.


    I sometimes have the worst luck ever.

  • In FLORIDA MAN! Only in Florida...

    I just read all the news articles on this thread. I used to live in Florida, and shit like that is the total norm over there. Orlando specifically.

    Hell. There was a kid in my neighborhood who almost committed suicide because his pet fish died. So yeah, be grateful for where you guys live now. Good luck trying to survive in Florida.

  • In Canadian Colo(u)rless

    Oh, one more thing. Third British Columbian on this thread? I dunno. Well, anyway, I'm from Vancouver too.

  • In Canadian Colo(u)rless

    Pshhh. Canada Day in Vancouver is hell. That's the one day where most people collect in one specific area and try to smoke as much weed as they possibly can. Yeah, thanks for doing a good job representing Canada on its birthday.

    I wasn't even in Canada for the last two years on 1st July. I was in Los Angeles for Anime Expo. It's a better experience, trust me. Plus my father is from Japan and my mum is from England, and I have no Canadian relatives, so I don't have to worry about celebrating all that Canadian shit. Feels good, man.

  • In Zetsuen no Tempest, worth it?

    Worth it? Should you even be asking that question? It's as cheesy as it sounds; a typical revenge story with some hocus pocus. The presentation of course constantly attempts to make it appear like it’s the most awesome thing ever by throwing in complicating terminology, pretentious pseudo-intelligent dialogues, and weird visuals. But, of course, the show is animated by studio BONES, which automatically means very good production values, a complicating / intriguing story, and a script written on the run without the slightest attempt to make sense or have consistency. This time in particular Bones outdid itself for messing up everything from the very first episode. Not even Eureka Seven Ao turned to shit so fast.

  • In Shingeki no Kyojin

    I gotta admit, Shingeki no Kyojin is a fun show to watch for the excitement, instead of yet another moe school-life manga adaption. I do agree though that as a whole, Shingeki no Kyojin manages to build up tension right away. Even if you are aware of how corny it all plays out, it is still not holding back in violence; the average Narutard is definitely going to like it. It is also refreshing to see a show that is not about high school club ecchi comedies for once, as is the canon for almost all modern anime. As for me? After truly good manga such as Battle Angel Alita and Battle Royale, this was unintentional satire than tragic or scary. I mean you see a guy in the first episode giving the severed hand of a dead soldier to his crying mother and saying with a serious face “This is all we could salvage. And by the way, your son died for nothing. HERP!” Lol man, what kind of a military leader is this guy? Was that supposed to make me feel sad? I am laughing at it. Seriously. This is why no veteran reader or viewer is going to give it anything more than a good time waster status. Why? Because it is a silly shonen when it could easily be much better as a mature seinen...

  • In Full Moon Fun

    When a full moon occurs, I magically morph into a werewolf and start dancing to Thriller-- /bricked

    But seriously, I live my life in the night. Whether it be walking, jogging, or playing hide and seek, I always do it when it's pitch black. I hiss at the sunlight.


  • In So who is going to Anime Expo 2013?


    Oh shit, a CL mod is going too? THAT'S SO COOL.

    But I don't have a twitter, so it would be hard to stalk you. :V

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    The entire CLANNAD/CLANNAD ~After Story~ OST. Visual novel is awesome and the OST is fucking orgasmic. Anime ruined it. Period.