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  • In Do You Believe in God?


    You have the power to lock the thread, you know.

  • In Do You Believe in God?


    Really? Then what does a typical atheist say nowadays? I don't disagree with you completely, I'm just interested to hear your reasoning.

  • In So who is going to Anime Expo 2013?


    I am going to this "thing". I'll probably spend all my time in the vendors room, because lol hentai mags be very cheap-- /bricked

  • In Top 10 animes

    This is a bit difficult for me, because I have seen a fuckload of animu in the past, and I don't even remember the plots for more than half of them. This took some thought, but I finally have a list of my Top 10 favorites of all time. However, I love a lot of animu equally, so I will occasionally put 2 in, just because I love that series too damn much. 1 in my chart is the best, 10 is the worst, obviously.


    1. K-ON!;

    HOLY FUCK, MAN. K-ON has got to be the best thing ever created by mankind. Fosho'. K-ON is the meaning of life, in my opinion. Fuck that 42 shit. Momi's former catchphrase was "K-ON > Health > Orphans", and honestly, she couldn't be more right. If you say that this shit is bad, then you have either not seen it, or your taste in animu is shit. Do me and everyone else a favor. Crawl in a hole and die. Seriously.

    2. Love Live!: School Idol Project;

    I love this series to pieces. Almost as much as K-ON. I was a bit hesitant at first, because I saw the series description and thought "Woooow, this is gonna be another crappy slice-of-life one, isn't it?" And then I saw the first three episodes and was like "HOLY FUCK LOVE LIVE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. TAKE MY JIZZ, ALL OF IT."

    This anime is exactly what you think it is; a bunch of really cute girls singing and dancing. That is what makes this fun, the music. The animation switches between its normal animation to CG during the performances and it goes great with it. The characters are really cute girls that fit almost every aspect of anime girls. The main character, Honoka, is a hyper happy-go-lucky girl who seems like a really hard worker and that's why you love her. There are a lot of things I liked about this anime, but the thing I liked most was probably the art. Yes, I'm a very picky person when it comes to art, and this anime reached my expectations when it came to the art. All the characters were nicely designed and all of the 9 girls are cute. In other words, the art was what some people call it, flawless.

    With that, you can tell how much I love this show to pieces. Best anime of 2012 right here.


    3. Madoka Magica/Haganai;

    Magica: Shit, man. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the most outstanding series I have seen. Rarely is a series that has its contents in the form of story, visuals, music, and characterization that are all equally impressive that results in me enjoying the series so much. Even more impressive is the fact that Madoka Magica is a “magical girl genre,” something I already avoided years ago thinking that there is nothing about the genre that will interest me anymore. After all, the notion about the genre is that it’s “too girly” and a “kid’s show”, this series proves that it is not, that it can touch audiences outside its main target audience. It also assures that the genre is something I will be looking forward with enthusiasm and eagerness. Appropriate also to say is that Madoka Magica is the kind of series that appears once every few years that really hit the right marks, the things that makes an anime very great.

    Haganai: You know, To many of us, making friends, socializing, and talking are an innate ability that most of us possess. However, in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, that doesn't seem to be the case. It breeds a whole new example of a small group of people and their take on the world. Under the layers of a Utopian world, there are situations that people face in this world, like the main characters of the show. Something so commonly omitted, have a turn to shine to show the world a new view of life. It shows two friends, perusing something out of their league, out of envy, and yet, succeeding at the end. It shows the persistence of the protagonists to build character and to become what they want by working hard, which is something that we should all do.

    4. Boku no Pico;

    Need I say more?

    5. Oreimo/Inu x Boku SS;

    Oreimo: Witty, Intriguing, and fulfilling are the first 3 words I can think of when it comes to Oreimo. It’s more than your typical slice of life show which shows how characters progress to fix their own problems. It’s more than that. It outreaches to the audience about how human everybody is. At times, it serves as a reminiscence of how we should address to our own problems. Other times, it brings a brand new experience of fixing a long broken relationship(s) between close family members and friends. All the while presented in a very entertaining fashion, stirring up a variety of emotions as the series progresses through its different phases.

    Inu x Boku SS: Absolute LOVE ♥ Once you finish this whole series you find yourself feeling all fuzzy inside and that's a promise!

    6: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann;

    Enjoyment? Do I need words to express this? To be honest, my first impression was really bad, thought that really changed as i saw every episode. This is, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable series out there. All the explosions keep you at the edge of your seat wanting more and more. The story flows smoothly without an episode wasting its time on petty things. You will love each one of the elements on this series, his action, his drama, his comedy and even romance. Plus, Yoko is perfect in every way.

    7. Kuroko no Basket;

    If you're a sports-anime fan, then 2 words automatically, not even magically came to your mind. Slam Dunk. However, sports-anime fans know just how awesome this anime is. This could very well be Slam Dunk Successor.

    8. Psycho-Pass;

    I feel so sorry for anybody who missed out on this anime, because it was absolutely brilliant. Likewise, I also feel sorry for anybody who didn’t, because Urobuchi Gen ripped their hearts out.

    9. Carnival Phantasm;

    Thanks to Carnival Phantasm I spent about 3 hours of quality time, having fun and laughing until my stomach hurt.

    And finally...

    10. Gintama;

    As a returning series, Gintama succeeds marvellously. I snickered, I laughed, I chortled, and I exclaimed "What the hell?" more than once.

    So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this abnormally large list. You probably didn't even read it, though. You monster.

  • In Do You Believe in God?

    One of the most basic religious answers can be proven right away. According to Cogito ergo sum and of how the question itself is the answer, then there can be only one possible answer. Yes He does, 100% guaranteed. And the proof of which is simply in the description one may have of WHAT God is supposed to be. Here are some very typical answers people give for God that proves his existence, no matter how different their image of Him may be.

    A typical believer’s answer: God is the creator of everything in existence. In that case He exists because we are part of existence and if we were created, then God would be the only reason why we exist right now.

    A typical atheist’s answer: God is a lie people invented to feel better and for the priests to control those who need to believe in something superior to themselves. In that case He exists as a lie. If this lie did not exist, then we would never have religions and believers, and priests in the first place.

    A typical kid’s answer: God is someone who looks after people, sends the good ones to Paradise and the bad ones to Hell. In that case He exists because if He didn’t, nobody would be rewarded or punished for his actions.

    A typical jester’s answer: God is an invisible pink unicorn or a flying spaghetti monster. In that case He exists and is exactly what you said.

    A typical agnostic’s answer: I don’t know, I can’t know, and I don’t care to find out. In that case the answer means nothing to you and the question would never be made in the first place.

  • In Unpopular Opinions

    Sword Art Online was definitely the most overrated and overhyped series of 2012. It proves once again that the majority of the anime fandom is a bunch of tasteless people who only care about fan service and then have the nerve to call that deep and quality writing. At the same time innovating and quality titles such as Shinsekai Yori get neglected exactly because they are about context and subtlety. Makes sense NOT.

    I mean, the story seemed interesting as a premise; ten thousand players are trapped permanently in the MMORPG where the only way to get out is by clearing the game. A nice catch is that if their hit points run out they will not respawn in the nearest portal but instead they will die permanently. Something similar is going to happen if someone from the outside world tries to remove the virtual helmet in an attempt to free them prematurely. This offers a feeling of actual mortal danger and that it’s not just a harmless game. Another catch is how their avatars in the game are made to look as their real selves, so it was funny to find the usual joke of males playing females or hardly being as handsome as they appeared at first. So, think of all the cool stuff you would normally expect to get with such a premise; A thrilling survival/death game, Epic battles full of buffs, spells, and elaborate strategies, A huge variety of game mechanics and resource management of rare ingredients, Soul crushing tragedies concerning the death of people, and intrigue and conspiracies by those who will do anything it takes to survive.

    …And sadly you only get a few crams of those. As soon as the shock from the most intriguing pilot episode is over, you are offered a mess of a plot, shallow conflicts, cop-out solutions, and lots-n’-lots dumb self-indulgence.

  • In Shingeki no Kyojin

    Shingeki no Kyojin is obviously going to be the most overhyped title of the year, pretty much like Madoka Magica and Sword Art Online were in previous years. And just like those, it is not going to live up to the hype as pretty much no show ever does. It will end up being just like SAO; a high seller that will be talked about for some time but will otherwise be nothing but a big disappointment. And yes, I have read the manga so I know what I am talking about regarding later plot points.

  • In Summer 2013 Anime

    Pretty much watching everything except the DxD OVA. I've never been a fan of DxD or HOtD.

    And I'm gonna be watching the shit out of Free, because how can you not love dem swimming animes?


  • In So who is going to Anime Expo 2013?


    HOLD UP. Do you live in Canada? If so, then don't fly from there, because airfare be friggin' expensive. Go to the nearest Murrikan airport and fly from there instead. Prices be a lot cheaper, trust me.

    Hell, I live in Vancouver, and I always fly out from Seattle airport. Flights to L.A. from Seattle only cost $200. Feels good. man.

    If you're from, like, Ontario or somethin', then I can't help you there LOL.

  • In So who is going to Anime Expo 2013?


    It will be a hoot, trust me.