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Hi guys.My name is Thi Ha Tun.I am From BURMA.You can call me Dk(Death Knight,Dragon Knight,Darkness,whatever).I am one of Anime fans.But I am a Beginner.I love Animes very much.I plays Game,watch Animations,and Korean,English series.I do whatever I want.I am A FREE I am a friendly Guy(REAL Friendly).It is ok for me to friend with you.Glad to Have YOU !!!!!(My favourite Avatars are Kiba from NARUTO,Kanade from angelBeats!,Lisanna from FT and Killua from Hunter x Hunter).I loves Songs.Especially HipHop and Rap.I like GG and 2Ne1.I am pretty Good at D2 :DDD.Well,that's all.Thanks for reading,Friend.

BTW,this is my love,Kurisu

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