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    I mostly came to say that yus, a new IRCd implementation would be ~nifty~.

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    What happen

  • In Abortion: what are your views on it


    Two points.

    One, anecdotes aside, most women are perfectly fine after getting an abortion, actual mental health problems after abortion are very rare. Many people feel anxious, obviously - as you feel after every big decision you make. The anti-abortion-WHAT-YOU-DID-IS-WRONG choir probably doesn't help, nor do hormones, which go from pregnant back to normal, which is something that messes with your thinking for a while (compare menopause). The point here, however, is that "having confliceted feelings for a while" is not a mental health problem, and is caused by many things - carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term is certainly amongst those things, too. Abortion poses no risk to physical health and future fertility (A lot of studies that do claim to find such things fail to control for, most prominently, higher liklihood of STDs in more promiscuous women, and other lifestyle-related factors. Studies which do control for these find no such link.), and only comes with a small increase in suspectability to mental health problems (And I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that the reasons for this are not physiological, but societal - if you tell people that they are a bad person for getting an abortion a lot, they'll start believing it). This association has been studied very, very thoroughly and in many studies, most of which suggest that carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term is just as bad for your mental health than getting an abortion.

    Two, the adoption thing. I do not get it. It doesn't make sense on multiple levels. Take statistics; there are around a million abortions per year in the US. Currently, there are around a hundred thousand children in foster care waiting for adoption. Foster care couldn't take a one time order-of-magnitude increase in children, much less that per year. Furthermore, abortion is a way to get out of pregnancy, while adoption is a way to get out of parenting - these are different things, and the difference is fairly important. Adoption is not "better" than abortion, nor "worse", it is different from abortion.

    And all that aside, I can only repeat myself here: Abortions happen, legal or not. If they are illegal, a lot of people die, if they are legal, they are one of the safest medical procedures in the developed world.

  • In Abortion: what are your views on it

    Here is the thing about abortion: It happens. If your choices are to die or to get an abortion, unless you are insane, you opt for the abortion. If you get raped, and get pregnant from it, chances are you opt for an abortion. If the condom breaks and the pill fails and you pretty much can't fucking afford to raise a child because child care is a full time job not just anyone can afford to do, and state child support and child care are a fucking joke because spending money on actually helping families is not sexy - chances are you'll go for an abortion. And you do that wheter it is legal or not. You can not stop abortions from happening.

    You can make abortions illegal, but if you do this, you do not stop them from happening, you just prevent the state from setting standards, you make abortions happen in shady unlicensed clinics instead of doctors offices with sanitary conditions. This means people die.

    If you think that is somehow exaggerated, look no further than the past. These things happened. If you criminalize abortion, they will start happening again.

    This is the practical argument for abortion. The more moral-philosophy-wank-y one is that you own your body right up until the point where you doing what you wish to yourself starts to seriously hurt society, or another person. You not having a child does not hurt society. It also does not hurt another person.

    Some people construe a fetus - a ball of cells that is to a human what the eggs you have for breakfast are to a chicken (if someone at the plant didn't pay attention) - to be a person, or a potential person, or whatever the hell. If you do that, it becomes your usual "weigh one persons rights against another persons". It's fairly clear that abortion should be legal even then, at bare minimum in a situation where the life of the person who would have to carry the child would be threatened. You can extend that to self-defense, if you want to, where you have to start considering how to weigh various rights, which might be fun if you study law and you're into that shit.

    Alternately, you can also decide that treating a full-grown human the same as a ball of cells is not neccesarily the best way to go about, and that putting a limit - arbitrary, but well-informed by current medical knowledge - that leaves enough time for consideration of an important decision but ensures that abortions are done at a time when it is safe to do so is a fairly good and practical approach to solving a real, existing problem that no amount of discussion about "Potential" and "Souls" would make disappear.

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    @Trev (A lie)

  • In The European Meetup

    I'd be in~ (...if I have the time, academic and/or demoparty deadlines can be annoying sometimes...)

    Outside (castle gardens or other parks) can be fantastic, if the weather plays along, but with people coming from afar, might not want to rely on that. A bar's good for 6 to 12 people, much more than that gets a bit crowded, methinks. (Also, if people are less than 18 years old, prepare to get thrown out at 24:00 latest.)

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    I'd rather not start listing, but...

    ... I'm fairly M, so all that goes along with that.


  • In Need help with Delphi: Maze generation with Wall objects


    Here's my shot at it, with ~breathtaking ascii output~ (Scroll down to see output, hooray codepad)

    It is fairly terrible code, but hey~



  • In A Gravity Question


    I'm no physics major, but:

    In the center of the earth, the mass around you will pull you equally in both directons, which means they cancel out - you'll effectively be weightless.

    This assumes that the earth is spherically symmetric, which it roughly is, so that's probably fine.

    Fractional distances, I'm not sure how the gravity would be - the earth has different layers with different densities, so it's probably not a linear decrease from 9 point something m/s acceleration to 0 (which would be the case if it was uniform, I am pretty sure), but something that looks relatively wacky. It'll be decreasing as you get closer to the center though, that I am pretty sure of.