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hi, i'm Holger (obviously my real name) wait it is, damn xD oh well nothing more to say, i'm a 15 year old boy who likes anime.

fav anime: nanatsu no taizai fav food: idk ;-; so much food fav person: you wink xD

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    @yugure for mod 100 p

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    So cute


  • Colorless cooking club

    Here in CL we all love food, some more than others. so some friends of mine and i came up with the idea of "Colorless cooking club" idk really how we're gonna make it a thing or like how we should do it, but I have some ideas. First of all, we could have theme weeks, like country, region or name a few ingredients and then make some of that.

    So lets all start cooking and have fun.



    -Holg, tho not my idea tbh


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    i can't dream, #triggered

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    Hello, i'm new here. i really don't know what to write about myself. i'm a 15 year old boy with good taste in anime xD but at the same time i also do other things like, watch supernautural xD, sports, games and so on. i really don't know my fav anime, but i think it's nanatsu no taizai. oh well sorry for taking your time, nice to meet all of you