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I am an undergraduate student of English literature. I read a lot and am picky about my anime. So let's have some tea and get acquainted, after all we all will be together one day, dancing in the circles of hell. A hell of my making.

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    "skim cepat kaya" = It's something like you labour your money to the person who this so call licensed-financial-institutions, that they promise they will return the money with a lot of interest or profit

    That's called a Ponzi scheme. Made famous by an American, these days they operate largely around the third world.

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    This one seems to have 5 games instead of two, and a few less 9's :3

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    I'll post a picture here if I ever find that weird thing, but I had a cartridge with 99,99,99,99,999 games which were all either Mario or that bird shooting game with the kawaii doge. Also a CD with 101 games, I don't think I ever put that in my computer. Also, I didn't pay anything for either of those things.

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    We make the best food in the world though, no doubts about that. So come visit o/

    [P.S. - We're nuts]

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    So frustrating... but so beautiful :3

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    ED <3

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    Now it's undeniably me~

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    @Lieutenant , especially for that last post.

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    I've avoided this thread a lot, because I hate stupid bickering, but things just escalated to a whole new level of stupid bullshit. hellstorm just went full retard, and I don't need to be a total expert on everything like him to see it :/

    state ordered murder of an entire commercial airliner will be undeniable

    Care to tell me why anyone would be stupid enough to order a hit on a bunch of non-combatants? Do you have secret information that Putin enjoys being raped up the ass by an international conglomerate of justifiably angry people with nothing to defend himself than the lamest excuse in the world?

    Oh, who am I asking, you probably have photographic and video evidence of Putin enjoying it.