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99th percentile

stop praying for me you fumb bitch im trying to die!!!!!!!

judar joined on Sep 23rd, 2011, since that has made 632 posts that are still accessible today, 8 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, judar has given 797 upvotes, and was last online on May 14th, 2018.

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    this entire post is so sweet im deceased THE BIG SUCC UR A REAL BRUTHA DAVE ill be there for the borth of ur lvl 100 my boy were gunna do it

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    cl is a maryam appreciation site

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    i was gonna do these as separate posts but fucc it

    @qarr queen of chess ... so kinf and nice and some of the shit you say makes me laugh way more than babe ruth ever could he is jealous of your wit n Superior Humour

    @masculyn an angel ffrom heaven who came to the marine life institute to rescue, rehabilitate, release me from this hell i love you and appreciate you so much you are so kind n make my day so BRIGHT i love hearing ur stories and u appreciate my shit jokes :') im writing essay as you speak just for u because i want you and your children to hydration

    @hooyen DAVE my dude you are such a chill guy like im really glad i get to talk with u and i appreciate ur taste in films and vidya games i cant wait to watch more crazy kdrama/film with you bc you are top banter

    @teil as a fellow emo i respect ur emoness but i want you to feel good and have a good time ALL the time i want every day to be buy one packet of oreos get one free because you are very funny and a cool dood, a real ledge and i like talking to u, ur COOL my guy

    @pureboredom my precious bro, my clown compadre i love talking to u and we have so many stupid memories togetha i wish the best for u and hope you find many masks that grant you good Vibes bc u deserv GOOD VIBE you are too Pure my guy

    @domo HONESTLY my dude i love talking to you we have a lot of shit in common and im so glad we get to talk i love it when we can go from shitty meems to REAL TALK i appreciate that so much dood you are so smart and know many things

    @deftones u r so cool and we are going to start a german harmonicore band just right after i steal an entire guitar so i can feel like k-on irl but SERIOUSLY i appreciate our random chatz and your good humour and im glad u enjoy my commentary on the irl thread it makes me feel like an olympic commentator which is my dream in life now

    theres probably .... more but thats enough sap for One Day im going to go lunch a wall so i feel manly again

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  • In Thread of Compliments

    @maryam you are great and i love you and i need everyone to know how good you are tbh ... its a crime they havent sainted u like? rude? ily my brutha

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    i think we get ... the tea thread ... is about tea .... how is this usegful

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    did you experience PAIN when u fell form the HEAVEN

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    @deftones i cabt believe you are an emo

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    if cl were a website, id delete it