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I watched tons of animes but cantrember them all. I am willing to watch almost any anime genre, but space themed ones, they always bore me, i dunno why. I have watched Kurokos Bastketball ( both seasons), Black Bulter, Soul Eater, Attack on Titian, I know about Vocaloids ( Gumi and Len Kagamine are my favorite ones.), I also have watched many more but don`t feel like listing them all out right now. I also do like yaoi but have only watched a few shows and read a few mangas ( but have listened to a lot on drama CDs... oh yeaaa eargasms). I look forward to meeting you and I how you feel the same about me.

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  • In No Game No Life [Anime Discussion]

    I thought it was going to be dumb, but after watching Blank play I was hooked. This show is really good and enjoyable. I like when they explain how they won each time, it always makes me just say...wow and stare at my computer in awe.

  • In Sword Art Online II [Anime Discussion]

    Thank you again for the help, I can`t wait to watch the anime and see the new characters. I am really interested in Sinon and if Asuna is going to be in the plot. I think I even got the date for when it was coming out wrong, well I am happy with your help and I will do my best on future threads. I will also be checking out more of you threads too, I have gained more details, thanks to reading this, so I will surely be returning and waiting for more.

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    I tried to catch fog... but I mist it.

  • In Kuroko No Basket's 3rd Season Confirmed! - Now for 2015.

    I am so happy! I don`t know if I can wait though... I need moar Kuroko!!!! I need moar Basketball!!!! I can actually relate because I play! Oh well at least we get another season, I cheering for you Seirin!!!! Go , Go Go Seirin!

  • In New User Introduction Thread

    Hai , umm I don`t really know much about how to do this, I guess I should tell you about myself... Um I love anime and am really happy finding somewhere for me to talk about anime. My friends always say things like why do like anime so much blah, blah, blah, well this is the first year I got out the closet about this stuff, and nothing too bad has happened. Here are some weird things about myself, I am in the highest reading level in my school but fail so hard at spelling so sorry for my mistakes, I actually find shouta boys and loli crazy cute, I also think I like the quiet type, and even umm th- the yandere along with tsuderes ( I think im a masochist). Oh well hope we get along!