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99th percentile

I'm Leah and I'm a college freshman. I like science and I'm gay. I make gifs. UvU

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  • In Weirdest Thing Ever?

    Once, I was driving to my sister's dorm, going down interstate I-40. It was spring and pretty cold, at that, but not freezing. However, it seemed to be snowing up ahead. Then I realized that the white things were way to large to be snowflakes. Turns out, a truck carrying thousands of paper napkins had released the napkins going down the road and so it was raining paper napkins and we I had to drive through them all. I had my windshield wipers and everything on to get rid of them. Then, on the way back, they were no all on the ground and there was just ONE MAN with a pokey stick and several boxes of trash bags picking up one napkin at a time with a very broken-soul face on.

  • In The kind of people you like/enjoy

    I enjoy people who are polite and don't pressure other people into doing anything.

  • In The kind of people u dislike. -___-

    I dislike people who watch Fox News.

  • Famous Fanfiction

    What are some famous or infamous fanfics? Notorious for their good or bad? Also, tell me about some good fics to read! (Anime/manga, scifi, and games are the genres I read.) Let's just get "My Immortal" out of the way and agree that it was a mistake.