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    How many potatoes does take to kill an Irishmen?


  • House of Leaves Review

    Quick note: i'm not used to the commands in markdown, or using proper grammar, so if I mess up in either of those fields please let me know so that I can change it. Also this will be kind of long, so i'll leave a 'tl;dr' at the end.

    "This is not for you."

    House of Leaves Cover

    General Summary

          House of Leaves is a book by Mark Z. Danielwski. The book shifts between two separate perspectives, each perspective is supposedly written by a different person. One being Zampano, the other being Johnny Truant.

           The Zampano sections focus on the Will Navidson, his wife Karen, and his two kids Chad and Daisy. Specifically their experience involving their new house. These sections are written as an in depth analysis of documentary, referred to as The Navidson Record, which doesn't exist. The Zampano sections will sometimes have 'missing sections' represented by a series of brackets filled with X's or nothing. They will also occasionally change the formatting of a small part so that the reader would have to turn the book sideways or upside-down to be able to read it.

    Hoiuse of Leave page example
           The Truant sections, however, focus on Johnny Truant himself. His sections lack a specific narrative (though one does rise up over the course of the book), instead it describes Mr. Truant, and the situations around him in a way that is reminiscent of a Diary, or a Blog update. His sections usually start in the footnotes of a page, but can end anywhere from a few paragraphs to a few pages later. Usually interrupting a Zampano section, sometimes mid-sentence. Truant sections can also make up entire chapters of the book.

    Plot (contains spoilers)

           The Zampano narrative starts off with a description of two cult shorts; The Five and a Half Minute Hallway, and Exploration 4. Then it moves on to describe Navidson and his family entering their new house located on Ash Tree Lane. However, quite quickly things go amiss.

           First when a hallway appears, while the family was on vacation, connecting the two bedrooms of the house. Then when a door appears that should lead nowhere, but instead leads to a series of black hallways, which are unusually cold, and seem to change at a moments notice. Navidson enlists the help of his brother, Tom, and his friend, Billy Reston, among others. As Navidson becomes more interested in what lies behind the door, his relationship with Karen strains.

           The Truant story starts off with Zampano's death. Johnny checks out the apartment after the fact and finds it an odd place that's cluttered to point where one might suspect the owner to be a hoarder, and the windows sealed. Here Johnny finds many pieces of paper, and realizes them to be parts of a story. For the rest of the book his sections involve him compiling these pieces of paper into the Zampano sections.

           As he does this he also documents his dead end job at a tattoo parlor, his friendship with a hair stylist named Lude,and his increasing infatuation with a stripper he refers to as Thumper. We also learn that his mental state has been decreasing ever sense he started compiling the works.


           The biggest problem for me is the lack of narrative focus during the Truant sections. Early on it's like reading the the diary of a person who talks way to much about their personal life, and all of the sexual encounters they're having. However, it starts to pick up when a antagonist of sorts is introduced. This makes a lot of the early Truant sections dry, which is a shame considering that he is actually a really interesting character, and his development over the course of the book is pretty great.

           The Zampano Sections have their faults as well. Some bits go off on weird tangents, like the chapter devoted to how echoes appear in fantasy and reality. Also the fact these sections are written like a analysis of a movie, means that the book more often gives us reasons to explain why Navidson might have done something, rather than explain to us why he did it.

           This feels like nitpicking to me though, and none of it got in the way of my personal enjoyment of the book. So all in all I would recommend the book to anyone who's interested. I'll even post the amazon link below if anyone is.

    House of Leaves, Amazon

           However, I should admit here that I've been interested in this book ever sense I heard about it a few years ago. So my opinion of it is more than a little biased. So if you are intrested, then I recommend you check out other reviews before making a decision. (Making this review a little pointless. . .)


           Has two narratives within it. Can get dry at times, especially early on. You might want to check out other reviews.

    *Thanks for reading, those of you who did. If people didn't like this then I will probably not do one of these again, and if people do seem to like this, then I might do another when I actually finish another book. So, either way, I'll probably never do one of these again.

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    United States, Michigan, Ann Arbor

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    I can't handle the possibility of rejection. I've had multiple crushes throughout my life, but I've never told any of them how I felt. It's not like i'm a complete mess around girls, quite a few of friends are girls. As I've said, I just can't handle the possibility of being rejected. On top of that most of my friends think i'm gay because I don't ask girls out. I'm starting to believe it myself. I already know that all I have to do is man up ask out a girl, get rejected, complain about it, and move on, but I too scared. Anyway I just needed to get this all off my chest.

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    I would chose Mizore from Rosario + Vampire, becuase i've got thing for thoes types of girls.