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  • In Recent online purchases thread/ Things that arrived in your mailbox

    Bought this hoodie and its great. First a pic of a cute girl displaying it then actual 12 year old boy me wearing it.

  • In What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

    I am (re) watching Serial Experiments Lain, and I would totally recommend it, especially to people who like Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, shows that have more depth and complicated elements than most (in my opinion) and psychological even. If you are what some might call a "causal watcher", you probably aren't going to want to invest in this anime.

    The show centers around a young girl named Lain (holyshitnoway), who is pretty much a loner. One of her classmates commits suicide, and a few days later Lain and her classmates begin to receive messages from the deceased person on their phones etc. Lain begins to respond to these messages, and her dead classmate tells her that even after dying she has been able to pass on into "the wired", and has found God. The anime then gets a bit more complicated and throws a shit load of theories and such at you which result in mind fuck.

    Personally I love the animation and find it unique and of very good quality, however, since this show was first aired in 1998, its quality is not as good as what you would see being aired today which is to be expected. (And the opening is fucking amazing don't even get me started)

  • In Your Recent Book Purchases

    About a month ago I purchased this complete fiction of H.P Lovecraft, and it is great. Its hardcover (as you can see) and it is bound very well, which is very important for a book of this size especially. Before each story, it gives you a little bit about the story itself, which is nice. I would totally recommend it, and for 18 USD thats pretty fucking good to me. As someone else I think mentioned somewhere on this thread, Barnes and Noble also offers other complete collections like this including Edgar Allen Poe, Isaac Asimov, Jules Verne, Brothers Grim etc.

    Here is a link to the section on the website where these are sold.

  • In The Creepypasta Thread

    I failed to read the text bellow and clicked the link despite the obvious instructions not to do so, thus shitting myself. Thank you Rune for this life changing experience.

  • In Misconduct from your teachers

    I had a music teacher that was a huge pain in the fucking ass in 6th grade. It was at a school I had just transferred to, and I got there around late Oct. so not too late in the school year. It was my first day there in band, and when I got there I was pretty exited since I loved music and we had such nice equipment. I needed to be given something to play for that year, so she asked me what or if I could play anything. I then told her a played piano, however I was self taught and I could not read music, and she used this to belittle me before I had been in her class for 10 minutes.

    She told me to sit down at the piano, so I did. She put music in front of me and told me to play it, to which I said I couldn't, since I can't read music. She then said something like "Well I guess you were lying when you told me you could play piano then, huh." This made honestly no sense to me, since I just told her that I couldn't read music, but still play. I asked her if I could play a song by ear that I knew to show her I new how, but she said I couldn't cause it wasn't "real playing".

    After that load of bullshit, she told me I would be playing the drums (bass and snare) for band, which was fine with me. So each student at the beginning of the class must play part of a piece on their instrument and they will be graded with basically a pass or fail. She did this with all the students, and then asked me to play sheet music of some song on the drums. I didn't know why she thought I could play this. I mean- I don't even know how to express the lack of logic in this. Of course, I failed. Actually, she failed me before I even got through the 1st measure and said "I'm sorry Bella, but you get an F. I don't have time for students who just want to waste my time. You're done."

    I'm not sure why, but she hated me all year. I think its cause of my musical abilities which sounds prideful, but I think its true. She had heard me play, and I had heard her students play and I know for a fact that I could play better than them. I think the fact that I had no training and I could play better that the kids that she had taught really pissed her off. She failed me that school year, with a score of 40% which is obviously an F. It brought down my GPA so I couldnt be in sports, AND I had to go to summer school cause of that fucking bitch.

    It wasn't just me who she "abused", or whatever you would call it. There was also this extremely mentally handicapped girl in 8th, who could not so much as read or anything. She was about as smart and mentally capable no more than a 4 year old, however, she was very sweet, just dumb. The music teacher would constantly abuse her and send her into anxiety like attacks, which was extremely painful to see.

    What amazes me is by the time I got to that school, she had already been there for 51 years. If I saw her now I would not stop to punch that huge, motherfucking fat ass bitchy shit faced cunt right in the gut. The worst she can do to me now is sit on me.

  • In Halloween Thread

    Decided to be Edward Scissorhands this year.

    Happy Halloween guys.

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    Gets me every time.

  • In What do you do when you can't fall asleep?

    When I can't fall asleep, it is typically cause of anxiety. I'm not sure why, but my mind gets in a restless state and keeps me awake and also makes my body restless, even though I'm tired and want to go to sleep (maybe some of you can relate?). When I get to this point there is nothing I can do to fall asleep, and trying to fall asleep just makes it worse. I just stay up all night till morning.

    There are things, however, that I can do to prevent this from happening or do when I feel the anxiety coming on before I go to sleep.

    First thing is to try to go to bed and wake up at the same time so my body can form a habbit.

    Second is not using electronics 30 min. before sleep (maudia said this).

    Third, is listening to something peaceful, which goes against #2 but whatever. I find that the podcast, Welcome to Night vale, is very good to sleep to. I usually fall asleep before the 20-24 minutes is up.

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