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  • In TheColorless Discussion #2: Personal Brand

    Kirn made a few good points, and I gotta say I mostly agree. If your brand is strong enough, you get more mindshare and people will naturally speak of you whether you're there or not. This helps to introduce you before others may have ever met you.

    Also I feel it is kinda silly to talk about it diluting/simplifying your complex nature, that just reeks of "special snowflake syndrome", that you're somehow sooooo unique that anything that doesn't reinforce that idea is a denial of yourself.

    As for my own personal brand, I think it is relatively well established across multiple platforms, both online and IRL, albeit tailored for specific groups at time. Examples being I'm less abrasive IRL at work or socializing, more silly on recreational sites like CL, etcetc. None of these constitute a separate brand or personality, only sliding scales of how I present myself in different spaces to better suit them and what I hope to get out of my experiences in those spaces.

    Finally, there's a lot ot be said about personal branding in a professional sense, especially when you work as a freelancer or entrepreneur. However, I feel this overlaps too much with proper business marketing and is outside the scope of this thread.

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    @wolfangle i could b yuor angle...

    or ur devil ;)

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    new one~

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    that's my fetish

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    omg @MrTrain

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    P-san gonna get his ass shanked. Anzu's gonna cry ;w;

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    guilty if the highway counts w

    Tried to take a 3 hour nap and slept for 9 hours instead, waking up at 3am.

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    I used to have a M8, fantastic phone!!

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    Getting so high off of edibles that you press your back against the wall to make sure you don't fall down...

    while laying in bed

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    tfw you cannot carry your team, no matter how hard you try